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Progressing ones club?

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On observing the fortunes of clubs over the last 10 years there appear very few shining lights in terms of sustained progress. The trend is definetly one of decline.

If we look at the positive templates we would probably all agree on rathnew, baltinglass and st pats. They consistantly compete.

However Im more interested in a non traditional club like eire og or kilmacanogue. How have these clubs gone from the middle of div3 to senior semi finals and leinster junior reps 5years on the trot. Or a club like hollywood or annacurragh consistantly punching above their weight.

Im suggesting the answer is investment. Investment in coaching and investment in making playing for your club as enjoyable as possible.

eartha (Wicklow) - Posts: 32 - 21/10/2015 14:53:32    1800983


The opposit is in effect in clubs like shillelagh and knockananna. Here the spiral has been dramatic. With the speed of the decline most worrying. Shillelagh were in a senior final in there own right and had a crew on of senior championship medals from the marys outfit. Knockananna beat kilmac by 20 plus points TWICE only 5years ago now theyr in a junior A relegation dogfight.

My point is clubs cant stand still. You must invest and continue to invest especially when things are going well. We all have been at club meetings where someone has a go about the costs involved in running the ADULT team. These people must always be challanged. If these anti adult team costs gather momentum the speed at which your results will spiral will frighten you. Once a high standard is set, you can never go back. Players will not accept it. If your club has 25 lads training 3nights a week, with post training session snacks, with good easy access physio and medical care, with quality well run sessions then your club is doing things very well. But be warned you can mever go back to days when the showers arent hot and the sessions dont start on time and the floodlights havent been repaired in 18 months and the grass hasn't been cut. Because your players won't stay. They won't stay for the love of the club. They want the best the club can provide. And if it falls short they will do something else with their time. And your club will spiral so badly that the auld lad at the back of the AGM whinging bout adult team cost wot have to whinge anymore. There just wont be a team. Rant over

eartha (Wicklow) - Posts: 32 - 21/10/2015 15:41:51    1801018


Interesting post.

You hear regularly of clubs doing great work at juvenile level and I'm sure many are but we are yet to see these clubs flourish.
Wicklow is still dominated by in large buy clubs who are doing just "ok" at juvenile level. The theory here I would assume is having a high standard at senior level with a couple of players coming every year adding to your senior panel.
Dream teams do not work. I've seen it in several clubs they put all resources in to one juvenile team and neglect the rest. You very seldom see the required return from this type of strategy.

intheback (Wicklow) - Posts: 204 - 21/10/2015 17:53:07    1801074


Eartha, you are correct, unless young players are looked after in terms of medical expenses etc and this applies even more readily at inter county level then players will just find another pursuit where they are looked after - long gone are the days when player(s) are just doing it for the good of the parish - there are other more attractive and acceptable sports to pursue, by this I mean, at one time, a player who played gaelic football, wouldn't look at rugby or soccer as an alternative, now players play all sports and will go with the one that they feel offers them the best chance to fulfil their potential or at a minimum offers them a good environment to enjoy their sport.

wicklowsupport (Wicklow) - Posts: 1294 - 22/10/2015 08:33:37    1801150


Providing the players in your community with the best possible opportunity to fulfill their individual potential will be the single biggest factor in player retention. If clubs and the county put any other goal above this, they will fail.

This is a statement of observation. Its about making clubs aware of the mindset of young players. Their time is precious and the value they place on it appears to be higher now than in any generation before. They just wont wait around in sub standard set ups.

eartha (Wicklow) - Posts: 32 - 22/10/2015 14:56:56    1801284


Kids wont play anything that they dont enjoy. Far too many adults living their dreams through children. I was at an Under 12 game recently and heard a mentor/parent scream at a young fella to get to f**k bact to your position. Sadly this is not isolated incident. Too much pressure on the kids altogether. Playing is everything to the kids, winning is nice but the most important factor is playing and enjoying the game.

No_Drama (Wicklow) - Posts: 509 - 22/10/2015 20:09:54    1801375