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Good to see King, Justy McDade and O Brien called into senior panel along with return of Ultan Kelm, least we are gaining players unlike other counities.

Anyword how the challenge game with London last weekend went?

The Tailteann cup already seems to be doomed to fail with way GAA are structuring and promoting it, token gesture kinda stuff but that is sadly externally controlled all Donnelly and the panel can do is treat it as best can with view to building the squad for 2023.

The north south draw thing is ridiculous really, no doubt Mondays draw has us playing Cavan, again!!

macca999 (Fermanagh) - Posts: 965 - 13/05/2022 12:18:31    2416846


Hopefully a good support makes the trip down to Pearse Park to support the lads.

Injuries seem to be big issue with McCusker out and doubts over Quigley and Garvan Jones, hopefully they make it and new lads drafted in from Under 20s show well if get chance.

Going by interviews Longford well up for it after league defeat too.

Up Fermanagh

macca999 (Fermanagh) - Posts: 965 - 27/05/2022 12:48:03    2420476


Bring on cavan.

ERNEDEVIL (Fermanagh) - Posts: 60 - 30/05/2022 15:24:21    2421143


Got the result on Saturday after a sluggish first half as let Longford run at us through middle though second half stopped this and took control of the game, although couldnt make it count on scoreboard until the late goal. Some poor decisions to shoot when defender on forwards shoulder.
In first 35 Fermanagh very slow, lateral passing etc,made it easy for Longford to get 15 behind ball.

Great to see Ultan Kelm back in jersey,for first game back his fitness was excellent, shooting will improve after long break. Some good performances Aidan Breen forced few turnovers, Johnny Cassidy and Luke Flanagan added some much need speed when breaking forward, Justy McDade made a few fine catches, while Ryan Jones got 2 important scores. Good for the younger players to get a win and build confidence.

Dont think Quigley was 100% fit, hopefully himself and Decky McCusker got through game unscathed and can get full weeks training in ahead of toughest test in competition v Cavan.

To have a chance against Cavan we need to perform like did first half v Tyrone for 70 minutes, Cavan have huge scoring threat and physicality upfront that will test us, with Smith, Patrick Lynch, Thomas Galligan and McKiernan, wont be surprised to see them target us with long balls into full forward line, im sure Ricey will be giving them the full info too.

Anyone know is Ryan Lyons injured or is he gone from panel as no sign Saturday?

Fermanagh supporters outnumbered Longford in the low attendance, hopefully can get few more out in Brewster now on Sunday at 4pm

macca999 (Fermanagh) - Posts: 965 - 30/05/2022 16:06:02    2421170


Also has Brandon Horan went travelling for summer or is he still around?(no sign last Saturday)

macca999 (Fermanagh) - Posts: 965 - 01/06/2022 18:14:18    2421675


Big game ahead tomorrow for both counties, good championship weather, nice venue hopefully a decent crowd and good atmosphere. Cavan are up for this and put away Down well in last game. I think we will win but it won't be easy. Cavan love going to Brewster park so we should get a good turnout from both sets supporters

facer4home (Cavan) - Posts: 135 - 04/06/2022 12:58:43    2422111


Very frustrating game yesterday to watch, with unforced errors, poor decision making and shooting. From first whistle to concede a goal through centre of pitch (not for first time this season has happened)showed a naivety in team.

As feared our lack of physicality in defence was exposed on numerous occasions by Cavan with Galligan, Smith, Lynch and McKiernan catching balls at will, even sometimes uncontested which is unacceptable at any level. Donnelly tried to prepare for it with starting O Callaghan and McGullion but to no effect.

The team responded fairly well to an awful start but the 6 wides in row after Faulkner Black card was killer, could see the belief draining out of them and no real experience leaders to stand up and compose them at crucial time.

Cavan could score at will, fast, direct structured attacks while as always Fermanagh were slow, predictable with lots of lateral play making it easy to defend.
The second goal was another gift as again Cavan won aerially and then when it broke a Fermanagh player took an age to try pick it up, Cavan stole it for simple goal and game was essentially over at Half time.

Could be last game for a few of the players yesterday, Decky McCusker as always gave 100% to the Jersey.

From the outset was going to be a difficult season with the start of a transition and proved so, staying in Division 3 was priority and achieved it,although it will be a more difficult next season with Cavan coming up.

Looking ahead the team needs to add physicality in full back area, ASAP, whether any of Cullens can return or unearth new ones because its been an issue all season, cant win games conceding goals as have been.
Still think keeper an area for improvement, yesterday again was moment of a unopposed ball dropped and free conceded as a result.
Darragh McGurn isn't a midfielder, strong and can win a ball but isn't a solution there and were robbing Peter to pay Paul having him outfield when our attack is needing more threat to help Quigley. Corrigan better suited to play out field as half foward, use his speed and win breaks rather than score, lacks killer instinct as palmed goal attempt showed.

macca999 (Fermanagh) - Posts: 965 - 06/06/2022 07:44:57    2422621


That's time up this season for Fermanagh and many will be glad to see the end of the county gravy train. No doubt there will now be an exodus of a number of players to get onboard another gravy train across the ocean in dollar-land! Meanwhile, here at home it should be time to reflect on the county season and see if the new management measured up to expectations and my take is that they definitely fell short of that. A significant number of Fermanagh supporters like myself are fed up with the county board's non-ambitious strategy and wasting money on low-end management recruitment and thereby frustrating the proper development of potential talent that could elevate Fermanagh out of the mediocre position they find themselves in season after season. It's time to bring some bright forward thinking people with vision on board otherwise we'll end up no further on next season and indeed future seasons.

TurnipHead. (Fermanagh) - Posts: 230 - 06/06/2022 10:18:58    2422681


macca is at it again blaming goalkeeping for the team's poor performance. When will he wise up and realise that there are 14 other players on the field? In reply to turniphead, why wouldn't any young player free for the summer not want to taste some Yankee gravy :)

Wired2theMoon (Fermanagh) - Posts: 31 - 07/06/2022 13:33:53    2423018


Good to see both Cullens lining out for Belnaleck at weekend, i know Lee returning to Australia but back again later in club season, while Che is back and forward. Getting both these lads back in Fermanagh be a huge boost for the 2023and has to be a priority for Kieran Donnelly.

macca999 (Fermanagh) - Posts: 965 - 24/06/2022 16:04:01    2427300


Pity to see clucker isn't part of county management team now,any word who Donnelly is bringing in to replace him

Alot of red cards in first few games of club league, hopefully doesn't continue into club championships

macca999 (Fermanagh) - Posts: 965 - 10/07/2022 13:09:02    2431018


Division 1

Pos. Team P W L D F A Pts
1 CLG Bhriain Bhóramha, Cill Náile 3 3 0 0 39 29 8
2 CLG Naomh Seosamh, Eadarnaigh 3 3 0 0 52 36 7
3 CLG Ghaeil Inis Ceithleann 3 2 1 0 50 46 7
4 CLG Ghaeil na hEirne, Béal Leice 3 3 0 0 36 23 6
5 CLG Chláirseacha Dhoire Ó gConaíle 3 1 2 0 38 39 5
6 CLG Airt Mhic Mhurchú, Béal na Leice 3 2 1 0 42 39 4
7 CLG Naomh Pádraig, Domhnach 2 0 2 0 24 35 2
8 CLG Naomh Muire, Daimhinis 3 0 3 0 20 36 1
9 CLG Uí Chonaill, Doire Uí Loin 2 0 2 0 25 30 0
10 CLG Seamróga Ros Liath 3 0 3 0 35 48 0

Division 2

Pos. Team P W L D F A Pts
1 CLG Uí Raithile, Béal Cú 3 3 0 0 75 32 8
2 CLG Sheamróga An Tigh Mór 3 2 1 0 57 44 7
3 CLG Eiméid, Lios na Scéithe 3 2 1 0 45 41 7
4 CLG Naomh Molaise, Na Cearna 3 3 0 0 41 29 6
5 Chéad Chumann (CLG) 3 2 1 0 36 38 6
6 CLG Mhic Uidhir, An t-Iompú Deiseal 3 2 1 0 48 26 4
7 CLG Naomh Mac Artáin, Achadh Dhroim Sí 3 1 2 0 43 39 3
8 CLG Naomh Muire, Droichead Mhig Uidhir 3 0 3 0 29 58 1
9 CLG Éimhir Mhic Mhathúna, Achadh Lon 3 0 3 0 31 56 0
10 CLG Uí Dhuibhir, An Cuach 3 0 3 0 27 69 0

Itown1234 (Fermanagh) - Posts: 17 - 12/07/2022 14:25:46    2431672


I have been reading macca999's posts relating to our county senior team and he appears to have extensive knowledge and experience of the players and their ability or lack of, and other players not currently in the squad but unfortunately his opinions appear to fall on deaf ears. Given his wisdom, I think Donnelly would do well to have him in his backroom team as one of his advisors and/or selectors. Macca's game analyses and vision for the team could be a valuable contribution to the Fermanagh management and team going forward.

SkeaLad (Fermanagh) - Posts: 507 - 14/07/2022 13:36:58    2432054


I'm flabbergasted by skealad's thinking given macca's legacy of criticism that has caused so much controversary on this forum. Maybe, I'm too sceptical. So, to give him the benefit of the doubt, please could this would-be manager's adviser tell me what he could realistically do to make the team any better than it is? I doubt, given the lack of talent due to population size, that anything that can be done different?

BigToeJoe (Fermanagh) - Posts: 155 - 15/07/2022 10:35:10    2432159


Replying To BigToeJoe:  "I'm flabbergasted by skealad's thinking given macca's legacy of criticism that has caused so much controversary on this forum. Maybe, I'm too sceptical. So, to give him the benefit of the doubt, please could this would-be manager's adviser tell me what he could realistically do to make the team any better than it is? I doubt, given the lack of talent due to population size, that anything that can be done different?"
Absolute silence from macca...all strategy or plan for what he would do.

BigToeJoe (Fermanagh) - Posts: 155 - 16/07/2022 10:51:34    2432306


It strange what is happening in the league one with Harps showing no appetite to win. Then we have newcomers Derrylin defeating well done to them after their previous manager deserted them...not sure if he is with that Tyrone club, all I know that Tempo didn't want him. Fair play to Belnaleck for edging out Ederney.
Here is last night results...
Senior Football League Division 1 Round 4
Roslea Shamrocks(3-10)v(3-15)Erne Gaels Belleek
Devenish St. Mary's(2-10)v(3-10)Derrylin O'Connells
Belnaleck Art McMurroughs(2-14)v(2-13)Ederney St Joseph's
St Patrick's Donagh(1-8)v(1-21)Enniskillen Gaels
Derrygonnelly Harps(1-13)v(2-12)Kinawley Brian Borus
Senior Football League Division 2 Round 4
Belcoo O'Rahilly's(1-6)v(1-6)Lisnaskea Emmetts
Maguiresbridge St Mary's(1-9)v(1-14)Coa O`Dwyer's
Aghadrumsee St Macartans(3-13)v(0-11)Tempo Maguires
Teemore Shamrocks(3-20)v(0-7)Brookeborough Heber McMahons

BigToeJoe (Fermanagh) - Posts: 155 - 16/07/2022 10:57:51    2432307


Although, people might differ in opinion, I think the sliding teams have management issues more that player issues. Anyhow, from last night's results things look brighter for Belleek, Enniskillen and Kinawley who regularly are hanging on to top positions but on the negative side the likes of Roslea, Donagh and Devenish could be set for relegation as things stand. In Div 2, Irvinestown and Teemore if they keep up their performances they will return easily to Div1 next season.
Senior Football League Division 1 Round 7
Enniskillen Gaels(0-15)v(0-6)Kinawley Brian Borus
Devenish St. Mary's(1-11)v(2-8)Roslea Shamrocks
St Patrick's Donagh(1-3)v(0-20)Derrygonnelly Harps
Erne Gaels Belleek(2-9)v(0-14)Ederney St Joseph's
Derrylin O'Connells(0-5)v(0-10)Belnaleck Art McMurroughs
Senior Football League Division 1
Pos. Team P W L D F A Pts
1 Erne Gaels Belleek 7 7 0 0 117 82 14
2 Enniskillen Gaels 7 5 2 0 117 91 13
3 Kinawley Brian Borus 6 5 1 0 80 74 12
4 Derrygonnelly Harps 7 3 4 0 105 88 9
5 Belnaleck Art McMurroughs 7 4 3 0 100 106 8
6 Ederney St Joseph's 6 3 3 0 100 87 7
7 Derrylin O'Connells 7 3 4 0 91 100 6
8 St Patrick's Donagh 7 1 6 0 77 126 4
9 Devenish St. Mary's 7 1 5 1 75 104 4
10 Roslea Shamrocks 7 1 5 1 103 107 3
Senior Football League Division 2 Round 7
Newtownbutler First Fermanaghs(5-14)v(2-12)Belcoo O'Rahilly's
Aghadrumsee St Macartans(0-6)v(3-15)Teemore Shamrocks
Lisnaskea Emmetts(0-0)v(CONC)Coa O`Dwyer's
Tempo Maguires(2-18)v(0-4)Brookeborough Heber McMahons
Irvinestown St Molaise(0-18)v(2-4)Maguiresbridge St Mary's
Crust & Crumb Senior Football League Division 2
Pos. Team P W L D F A Pts
1 Irvinestown St Molaise 7 7 0 0 106 81 14
2 Teemore Shamrocks 7 5 2 0 134 82 13
3 Lisnaskea Emmetts 7 4 2 1 82 73 12
4 Newtownbutler First Fermanaghs 7 5 2 0 113 96 12
5 Belcoo O'Rahilly's 7 4 2 1 143 92 11
6 Tempo Maguires 7 4 3 0 112 78 8
7 CLG Naomh Mac Artáin, Achadh Dhroim Sí 7 2 5 0 89 116 5
8 Coa O`Dwyer's 7 2 5 0 65 106 4
9 Aghadrumsee St Macartans 7 1 6 0 77 116 3
10 Brookeborough Heber McMahons 7 0 7 0 55 136 0

BigToeJoe (Fermanagh) - Posts: 155 - 06/08/2022 12:58:17    2436416