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There was a lot of respect in the air after the final last Saturday.
We have massive respect for this group of players and what they have achieved. They have given us incredible joy as supporters over the last 3 years and have done so as proper gentlemen, players and management alike. Without once seeming arrogant, they have striven for success through hard work and ambition and to be as successful in that as they have been and to remain as grounded is a remarkable achievement. If they never played well in a game again, this group owe Clare nothing.
Secondly, there was huge respect for Gearoid O'Connell and by extension, his family. Enough said.
Finally (and why I'm posting here!), we have huge respect for Wexford. Your players never once threw in the towel despite being under the cosh for good stretches in the game, the truest sign of a good hurler. From a base of some negativity in recent years, Wexford are on the up again and that's great - we recognise the symptoms! This never happens by accident and needs a lot of good people putting in a lot of effort which can often go unseen and unrewarded.
With a good base of players available again next year, you will be there or thereabouts again and after Saturday, my hope is that you win it out. If not, best of luck for the coming few years at senior.
Up the banner!

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