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Don't know anything about the ins and outs you refer to but meant to have said that Gannon neither started nor came on. Nor did Costello, Odd that both were named to start but not heard any reason why. Although one chap reckoned Gannon is not going to start for either footballers or hurlers as injury is nowhere near rehabilitated.

BarneyGrant (Dublin) - Posts: 2929 - 14/07/2024 09:26:40    2558895


I had previously heard he is gone for the year tbh. Shame.

Fionn (Dublin) - Posts: 3906 - 14/07/2024 14:07:51    2558962


Replying To Fionn:  "I had previously heard he is gone for the year tbh. Shame."
That was the general view. So why name him to start a hurling championship match? Very odd. Lads with pretty good insight into the club scene were scratching heads,

I imagine Costello issue is separate. A good few of county footballers are on a break it seems. Probably be back for the football. Con being case in point although I imagine he was missed yesterday in what turned out to be a much closer game with Crokes than had been forecast.

BarneyGrant (Dublin) - Posts: 2929 - 14/07/2024 14:40:32    2558972


Weekend Predictions

Na Finna vs Kilmacud

Lucan vs Cuala

Ballyboden vs Vincents

Craobh Ciaran vs Judes

Redzer99 (Waterford) - Posts: 37 - 16/07/2024 17:12:33    2559575


Replying To Fionn:  "Barney did you hear the story within the Dublin camp in the lead up to and day of the Galway game.
Heard it from close quarters last week, and got to verified yesterday by someone else.
Explains a lot tbh.

My lips are sealed though.

Those in the know - know. ;o|

Great to hear Lee has recovered.
A couple of weeks too late for the Dubs but great news for Whitehall."
Is Donal Burke out for the weekend?

Redzer99 (Waterford) - Posts: 37 - 18/07/2024 12:10:31    2559884