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Where can we get results from games at Gaelic park. Last year results we up after each game.

big fan (None) - Posts: 239 - 16/04/2012 17:15:11    1153373


Give them a chance. They are probably new to the service they must provide and to which the readers are entitled. Found the scores on the old site on Sunday evening which can still be viewed by going to any of the links and opening it and clicking on "RESULTS". The other info is still there. (Will probably be removed now.)

Faha2 (USA) - Posts: 112 - 17/04/2012 20:43:08    1154704


Don't mean to be a pain but where on website is schedule for next month or two. Only see this Sundays games. Thanks

big fan (None) - Posts: 239 - 21/04/2012 19:47:34    1157249


Site obviously still has teething problems. Give them a chance to iron out the wrinkles. Yesterday's games were cancelled but this was not posted on the web.

Faha2 (USA) - Posts: 112 - 23/04/2012 15:00:13    1158269


No, it's just the old site was great.

big fan (None) - Posts: 239 - 23/04/2012 15:25:29    1158301


See where the old site is up and running once more. Conflicting schedules on the two sites.

Faha2 (USA) - Posts: 112 - 12/05/2012 21:18:48    1170921


See also old site it states is not official. It seems more updated than new one. New one never updates result. Is old site information accurate ??

big fan (None) - Posts: 239 - 17/05/2012 20:17:11    1174756