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Emigration to the US & how if effects your club

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How has emigration affect your local club? I am doing an assignment on Emigration and how it effects your GAA club and would like to hear from clubs in the US.

Would anyone have any general figures or information on their club about emigration? looking at the percentage of players on the USA teams or players in USA clubs that emigrated from Ireland - the age groups of GAA in the USA, how many players are registering in the USA and how this effects the development of GAA in the US.

Any information would be helpful

thejuniorhurler (Clare) - Posts: 6 - 25/10/2011 17:23:08    1058504


on the gaa website there is archives of all transfers ul gt all the facts on here

johny89 (Dublin) - Posts: 72 - 22/11/2011 18:16:20    1073932