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Yeah, Shels have a talented young player of that name all right. Small chance there could be another one with the same name in Oulart, but probably only very small....

Pikeman96 (Wexford) - Posts: 480 - 03/04/2020 13:30:22    2275258


Greatest club = ones owning both senior titles. Everyone else is living on past glories.
Former greatest clubs would be a better title than greatest clubs.

StoreysTash (Wexford) - Posts: 1257 - 03/04/2020 21:08:32    2275288


Replying To Camanmad:  "What has happened to the King Pins of Wexford Hurling and how do you get them back near the top again .

Wexford Hurling needs clubs like Rathnure , Oulart and Buffers Alley to be strong .

Can you see these clubs getting back there .
It's tough as they are rural areas and the martins are getting stronger and have huge catchment area ."
as mentioned, I really hate when I see things like Wexford needs a certain club to be strong. Why? if that club is no longer senior or a powerhouse, then it has been overtaken by a club that has done the hard work and overtaken it in the pecking order, and surely that is a better barometer of success. and its not like Oulart are some sort of traditional power house, they won their first senior title in 94. And Buffers Alley, their last win was in 1992.

We've had Oulart, Martins, Gorey, arguably St Annes (taking away their sole other win in 1924), Shels and Gorey all winning their maiden titles in that period that Buffers Alley have won none, we had Glynn participate 3 finals in that timeline too, all unsuccessful but their only appearance in senior finals. Throw in the likes of Ferns, Fethard, Oylegate who have all been doing brilliant work underage and are reaping the rewards now, a changing of the guard is no bad thing.

Its rare to hear people cry out for Adamstown to be back in with the big guns, the 4th most successful club. Or Ross, where to me that is the biggest draw back. I think if people want to "need" clubs being good for the betterment of Wexford hurling, it should be in towns. For the most part the towns are good, but Ross isnt.

james2011 (Wexford) - Posts: 563 - 08/04/2020 17:52:07    2275553


the only 1 thing about hurling being strong in the town is the swell in interest that it causes.
i remember the harriers in 2001 and the interest it caused in the town,was unreal.
look at kilkenny,for year o loughlin gaels,james stevens have won club all irelands when kk were at their best.
in rural clubs,whether or not it is oular and buffers alley or glynn barntown and oilgate i dont know if it really matters.
new ross is a town where gaa just cant seem to make any progress.

perfect10 (Wexford) - Posts: 3929 - 08/04/2020 20:40:28    2275560


Think the "challenge" poised on another thread on this forum to pick your best 1 club only Wexford team is enlightening on this topic.
After picking my best 15, I started to think about all the other clubs that I didn't have a representative from ... (Askamore, Taghmon, Adamstown etc etc). Granted some of the remaining clubs are football based, which knocked them out.
I then started to think about who would be on my bench if I had to pick 1 player from the remaining unused clubs.
Yes, I found players that played county but not that many that could be genuinely stand out contenders for a starting spot.

For me, the wider the coaching across clubs in Wexford, the better.
The next Conor McDonald could be an 8 year old in Adamstown, Taghmon or Askamore.

Punter72007 (Wexford) - Posts: 247 - 09/04/2020 10:42:51    2275592