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Have to put the following out there about underage.
In Under 14 league division 3, 4 teams from 7 are combined teams. Garrycastle regulated from d2 to d3 for championship
In Under 16 league division 3, 4 teams from 7 are combined teams. Another combined team regulated from d2 to d3 for championship
In Minor league division 3, 4 teams from 7 are combined teams. Two teams went down from d2 for championship and one a combined team regulated from d2 to d3 for championship. St. Marys and Killucan also down in d3 for championship.
Mullingar to me has 4 clubs shamrocks, lomans, the downs and Shandonagh. Athlone has athlone and garrycastle, next biggest populations are kinnegad , killucan(with rathwire and raharney) and rochfortbridge.

Yes it could be a bad year for anyone club but It is worrying to see killucan and st marys for minor and garrycastle in u 14 all competing in division 3 in championship.

But to see in the league, 4 combined teams out of 7 in all leagues were in d3 and the championships not any better. Combined teams if playing in d3 would be better off on there own eg delvin/st pauls or killbeggan / st josephs. And in d3 it is 13 a side at some levels.

Surely there is 13 boys born between the 4 years 2000 and 2003 in these combined areas. Also to think that killucan and rochfordbridge has only 13 boy born in these four years

So we have 23 clubs playing underage, if I took any age group eg minor if each team had panel of 20 ( and that's a stretch) that's only 460 playing take out all the under 16 of these teams and we might be only hitting the 300 mark of boys that are 18 or 17. Divide by 2 any that leaves about 150 lads on last year of minor. That a very small number.

While above is grim facts. I do believe we have ensure more kids play ( try and have less combined teams)

But also have 8 combined teams playing (on league bases) and championship from u14 to minor. Like it was, would need adjusting maybe 2 teams in Mullingar, 1 in athlone, kinnegad on own , the downs and killucan combined and so fort. A minor player would play with his own club and if good enough play with the combined team.

madbull (Westmeath) - Posts: 191 - 25/09/2018 16:12:17    2143765


Surely Moate has a bigger population than kinnegad or killucan/rathwire?

Anywsy, as a county I think a lot of kids don't play any GAA as either there is no culture of it at home, no GAA club has ever made contact with the family and made the effort or the child got either no exposure to GAA in school or there was no follow up to the schools coaching.

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