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Does anyone know what clubs received points deductions/fines last year for not fielding?

So much hearsay, it would be great to get a definitive list of clubs to help settle this debate.

johnanthony (Antrim) - Posts: 169 - 23/01/2015 13:47:08    1685806


johnanthony I do not know and like I said in an earlier post a lot of this is for arguments sake given there seems to be preferential treatment given to some clubs with regards playing status.

You could ask the guy who moderates the official county website if you are brave enough. I am scared to post on there as he is like a Rotweiller but feel free to give him a go :)

Naysayer (Antrim) - Posts: 2071 - 23/01/2015 14:20:39    1685826


Any word on what is happening with the leagues? Heard that the leagues may not be as appeared on the county website. Wish we could get a concrete plan in place, antrim is always the one county you can count on chopping and changing!

also on another side note, are any of the Antrim clubs playing in the ulster league? i remember a few years ago when it started it seemed well supported and plenty of clubs entered, havent heard many entering in recent years, maybe it has ran its course but i always thought it was handy for clubs, didnt have to try and arrange pre season games etc and different counties referees. Maybe it starts too early and a bit expensive?

the_watcher (Antrim) - Posts: 128 - 13/02/2015 14:13:39    1693278


Thought they threw in during April

Rules_man (Armagh) - Posts: 152 - 13/02/2015 18:14:12    1693355


Just been told that Divs 3 & 4 have been amalgamated for this year. how do we feel about this? Wonder if they'll split to Div3a and 3b at some stage. Will be interesting see how the fixtures pan out/are fulfilled!

tomassio (Antrim) - Posts: 51 - 24/02/2015 08:22:49    1696194


Seen on Twitter someone posted that all the clubs will play once then split into top and bottom, top playing for promotion and bottom playing for a shield. my only concern is for mitchells etc how will they cope playing against the likes of Aghagallon, Glenravel O'Donnells etc, i tke it thats why the split is introduced, no point them playing twice a year, think this was the only real solution and hopefully it works.

the_watcher (Antrim) - Posts: 128 - 24/02/2015 09:44:43    1696212


Fixtures should be out this week but knowing county could be a while longer. Can anyone confirm if its gort or aghagallon relegated I am hearing conflicting stories. Could be problems if matches are called off getting them completed before the split deadline. Could be a good idea promoting 3 and only relegating 1 to even the divisions to 10 12 12 could be looked at aswell?

spy_in_the_sky (Antrim) - Posts: 273 - 24/02/2015 11:26:56    1696250


Agallon have been relegated and righlty so.

StillWater2 (Antrim) - Posts: 32 - 24/02/2015 11:35:17    1696252


Agallon have been relegated and righlty so.

I would debate that given Aghagallon were not relegated on sporting grounds with double standards also in the mix but I am all ears?

Naysayer (Antrim) - Posts: 2071 - 25/02/2015 08:12:16    1696587


I was informed that Agallon FTF vs Portglenone. 1 point deducted for a FTF and a fine. Im sure they were aware of this when they FTF. Came back to haunt them. When the tables were being completed at the end of season this was noticed and point deducted.

StillWater2 (Antrim) - Posts: 32 - 25/02/2015 08:46:27    1696594


Fair enough StillWater2 but in the context of the unsporting behaviour between St Teresas and GNM would you say Aghagallon were rightly relegated?

And while talking of teams getting points deducted for failing to field how come Ardoyne did not end up on minus points?

Finally how the hell did St Mals avoid relegation? - I know leagues have now been resturctured so this is no longer relevant but the rules were still bent to not relegate them nor promote Lisburn at the end of the season.

Like I said hard to argue Aghagallon were rightly relegated when other shenanigans and double standards were going on.

Naysayer (Antrim) - Posts: 2071 - 25/02/2015 13:08:06    1696685


Stillwater other clubs failed to field in other divisions and were not deducted points. So wouldn't say Aghagallon were rightly relegated, although I did think it was naive of them to play their u21s in league games before their status was secure. Any predictions now the League make-up is known.

Division 1 Cargan
Relegated Aghohill St.Teresas

Division 2

Relegated Sarsfields St.Endas

Division 3 Promoted
Aghagallon Champions

Bottom 7 split
St Malachys
St Agnes
St Pats

spy_in_the_sky (Antrim) - Posts: 273 - 25/02/2015 13:15:55    1696689


spy_in_the_sky I pretty much agree with your predictions.

Naysayer (Antrim) - Posts: 2071 - 25/02/2015 13:20:45    1696692


This league amalgamation has been mooted on here and other sites since the turn of the year....why has it taken so long to become official?

instead of the current 14 team league in div 3, it would have made more sense to have made div 2 & div 3 both 12 teams leagues- at present there is too much of a gap between the top and bottom div 3 teams. This would have also saved some face for the county board over the alleged fixed drawn game which took place in div 2 last year.

johnanthony (Antrim) - Posts: 169 - 25/02/2015 13:36:03    1696701


Johnanthony that would sum up my view on the subject two sets of 12 forms a better balance. God help Mitchells when they play Aghagallon.

spy_in_the_sky (Antrim) - Posts: 273 - 25/02/2015 17:55:33    1696859


Crazy Antrim at it again! Lol.

Rules_man (Armagh) - Posts: 152 - 26/02/2015 16:02:45    1697149


Is a DIV 3 split not DIV 4 by an other name ? . I cant really see any of last years DIV 4 teams moving up doing much against last years DIV 3 teams . Just makes bottom half more tight depends on goal difference as to many teams get beat. Look how much DIV 4 ment to Pearses as they rebuild surly a DIV 4 could be a great stepping stone for clubs to move forward, bit like JUNIOR B in HURLING clubs can take small steps while they improve. Clubs need to be honest to where they are at and improve as "it shows in public what you have done in private" ( training , bringing on new youth structours )

DEE3 (Antrim) - Posts: 1 - 28/02/2015 08:34:36    1697572


Naysayer or shall I saw Nosayer.

"Finally how the hell did St Mals avoid relegation? - I know leagues have now been resturctured so this is no longer relevant but the rules were still bent to not relegate them nor promote Lisburn at the end of the season"

Your comments simply show me that you know nothing about the rules of the GAA. Division 3 was 1 down from it and 1 up from Division 4.

No rules were bent at all. It is your lack of knowledge that amazes me. You should not attack clubs trying to play there part in providing Gaelic games in Antrim.

If you think the rules are bent feel free to join a GAA club and run for County Chairman this year.

No need to try defend or reply. I am not interested.

2010antrimabu (Antrim) - Posts: 10 - 28/02/2015 17:20:08    1697677


2010antrimabu I stand corrected - I had actually picked up here that it was two up two down but I am glad you have informed me as this will save me repeating an ill informed opinion.

BUT dont come here giving it socks and then ask for no reply - whether you are interested or not no-one gets a free pass in life to shout their mouth off and disappear. I am guessing you are one of the lads that during a game would have reached over a scuffle with a dirty Joe dig and then ran off.

Naysayer (Antrim) - Posts: 2071 - 02/03/2015 10:16:03    1698182


2010antrimabu - where did you get that about it being 1 down from Div 3? Just asking as it was on the official Antrim webpage around August/September time that ALL leagues were 2 up 2 down as someone had asked the question.

Offside_Rule (Antrim) - Posts: 4002 - 02/03/2015 10:22:25    1698186