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Neutral observer to report on unsavoury incidents

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Hi Gaels. After a season with several unsavoury incidents which the County board struggled to deal with, I had a thought. I consider myself a neutral Hurling fan. I go to watch games simply because I think Hurling is fascinating. Twice this season I witnessed scenes that, without sounding dramatic shocked me. Here is my thought. Is it conceivable that the County Board could compile a list of honourable observers, who would be prepared to go to games as a neutral and report back on unsavoury incidents. Thus being able to take appropriate disciplinary action based on that observation?

altview (Antrim) - Posts: 114 - 07/10/2011 10:57:45    1048118


An admirable concept. The problem is that the likes of yourself are in a minority. It would take a vast number of people to attend every single game in the county. Are you going to include underage fixtures? It is at these you find some of the worst incidents! People would be finding themselves travelling alot, where is the money going to come from to compensate for their travel costs? It would have to be done on a voluntary basis and in this day and age, who can afford to volunteer?

ar_an_chnoc (Antrim) - Posts: 142 - 07/10/2011 13:19:38    1048215


Actually, the issue of 'neutral' representatives attending games has been going on for some time now. In particular Referee assessors act as witnesses as they are neutral to the game. Also, Video cameras are also acting as neutral observer in some measure (depends who is behind the camera mind you!) and the county has convicted in some measure persons recorded whilst breaking regulations. There was a point made regarding the county uploading the suspensions list et al to the county website. That would be logical to some degree, but this is Antrim and information like that is sacred!!. But hark..... I have a suggestion.... Instead of potentially destroying a players name or the clubs name for that matter, ALL MEMBERS of the GAA recieved a card with a unique ID number. If a player is suspended then the club secretary or player can go on the website and check for their unique ID if they have been issued with a suspension and the length of the suspension.

Rules_man (Armagh) - Posts: 152 - 07/10/2011 14:53:18    1048287


Video cameras only really make an appearance around championship time, what if these things happen at league games? Also out of interest do the referees assessors get paid?? Agree with you on the ID idea, would be a good and discreet way of providing transparency.

ar_an_chnoc (Antrim) - Posts: 142 - 07/10/2011 16:30:46    1048343


men,all members of the gaa already do have membership cards and have to regesitered with croke park ! this scheme has started a few years ago. the problem is, when riots do occur, clubs giving in bum names of people who are either , lapsed members who are not involved with the club anymore or guys who are'nt members. this happened at the c' dall v b'castle minor match.c'dall pitch was closed,they gave in a few bum names, pitch opened again. its easy done. not getting at c'dall, it happens all over.

bob.foley (Antrim) - Posts: 47 - 08/10/2011 10:06:55    1048584


What's the sense of neutral observers going to games and reporting back if the so called disciplinary committees and county boards do nothing with the evidence? It would be the same scenario if the Pope himself reported on games, the same serial offenders and clubs would get off because they seem to have a hold on these things. We all know the players and teams who are the worst at it but nothing happens when they come in front of meetings, they get slapped over the wrist and walk away laughing. There are dangerous incidents happening all over the country in club games and it's only a matter of time before someone loses their life on the pitch because the GAA and officials have lost control.

Ulsterman (Antrim) - Posts: 9264 - 08/10/2011 16:30:54    1048730


IN reply to ulsterman.. Actually, the county board does act on neutral observer reports. Take it from me. THEY DO.

Rules_man (Armagh) - Posts: 152 - 08/10/2011 20:38:37    1048859


Really rules_man I think most Gaels would disagree with that assumption. There are serial offenders, in Antrim anyway, who get away with everything and anything and come up smelling of roses when they attend disciplinary meetings.

Ulsterman (Antrim) - Posts: 9264 - 09/10/2011 20:22:18    1049186


Serial offenders?.... if a player or club official is constantly being a source of problems within the GAA system, tarnishing them with the term serial offender is a unfair and unjust. Every case is different, the only serial offence is one which is beyond reproach which by that stage would most likely be a criminal offence. So I doubt most gaels could argue with that, because in one way or another, we could all be deemed serious offenders for very little.

Rules_man (Armagh) - Posts: 152 - 10/10/2011 13:24:31    1049431


No-refereeing assessors don't get paid.

Also, assessors have no role whatsoever in dealing with anything unsavoury that may go on, they are puely there to observe the performance of the referee & to report on that afterwards.

Anyone with any understanding of disciplinary matters will know that such things are to be included in the referee's official report & they are absolutely nothing to do with any assessor who may be present.

themanwhowasnt (Antrim) - Posts: 27 - 10/10/2011 19:43:08    1049781


Well, I can ASURE you that the county board took 'neutral' observers reports on board this year. Secretarys and other referees were seen floatinmg around some grounds here jotting things down and plenty of people got suspended over it. thats a FACT. I DONT BELIEVE FOR ONE MINUTE THAT THEY WERE NEUTRAL BY THE WAY.

Rules_man (Armagh) - Posts: 152 - 11/10/2011 14:30:39    1050192