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Championship Team vs Laois 2014

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So now that we know who the opposition are who would be your starting 15 (Bear in mind the panel isnt picked so every player is available)

Based on this years club championship and this years County Championship here is my team:

1) Flynn (balto)
2) Staines (balto)
3) Power (rathnew)
4) Hanlon (Blessington)
5) McWalter (Pats)
6) M McLoughlin (Blessington)
7) Kelly (Eire Og)
8) Sheerin (balto)
9) McLoughlin (Blessington)
10) Hayden (Eire Og)
11) Mernagh (Rathnew)
12) O Sullivan (Pats)
13) McGrath (Balto)
14) McGraynor (Avondale)
15) Siney (Blessington)

That would be my team. I think it is the best available. Think we have to accept our limitations. Our half backs have to be defenders and our half forwards workers. Time to try new faces and move forward. I know many might disagree but post your team...

wondershorts (Wicklow) - Posts: 285 - 04/10/2013 15:26:47    1495653


1) Flynn (Balto)
2) Staines (Balto)
3) Nolan (Balto)
4) Hanlon (Blessington)
5) McWalter (Pats)
6) M McLoughlin (Blessington)
7) Kelly (Eire Og)
8) Sheerin (Balto)
9) English (Balto)
10) A. McLoughlin (Blessington)
11) Murphy (Balto)
12) Mernagh (Rathnew)
13) McGrath (Balto)
14) Furlong (Kiltegan)
15) Glynn (Rathnew)

7 Balto
3 Blessington
2 Rathnew
1 Pats
1 Eire Og
1 Kiltegan

Close calls: Power, Rathnew corner back (not sure of name), Siney, Stafford, Rossiter

Based on this years championship, Balto Blesso and Rathnew have been the best 3 teams so not surprising the majority come from here. Glynn's selection obviously not based on this years championship but I'm sure all of Wicklow hoping he gets back to where he was. Really like the look of half forward line, would like to see Anto tried here. All big strong runners who can get scores.

neutralfan (Wicklow) - Posts: 204 - 04/10/2013 16:53:31    1495734


flynn balto
hanlon blesso
m mcloughlin blesso
nolan balto
a mcloughlin blesso
mcwalter pats
i sheerin balto
english and sheerin balto
hayden eire og
coen pats
mernagh rathnew
furlong kiltegan
odlum newtown
mcgrath balto
panel also :
siney and murray blesso . 2 glynns , stafford and merriman rethnew , mccrea carnew , murphy and staines balto , lambert aughrim , murphy ballinacor , e rossiter marys , benson bray , finn kiltegan . mcgraynor avondale .

wicklowsfinest (Wicklow) - Posts: 450 - 04/10/2013 21:00:39    1495953


There definitely should be new talent and faces brought into the squad after this years championship, there have been some new faces unearthed I feel and some of the old guard's time might be up. We should use this year as a year of transition and get a good core of young players together for the next couple of years. Reading an article on this, it's interesting to see that Donegal have already started their weight sessions already which at this level should be a must. If a lad was on a gym program from now until the O' Byrne cup there could be massive improvements in strength and speed.
Going to name two teams here to see the possibility of a starting team and a back up in every position.

1. J. Flynn (R. Lambert)
2. M. Staines (J. Tanner)
3. D. Power (M. McLoughlin)
4. R. Nolan (S. Kelly)
5. P. McWalter (M. Mangan)
6. P. McLoughlin (I. Sheerin)
7. D. Hayden. (M. O Brien)
8. J. Sheerin (D. Woods)
9. M. English (J. Stafford)
10. N. Mernagh (C. McGraynor)
11. A. McLoughlin (P. Cronin)
12. J. Dalton (A. Murphy)
13. J. Mcrath (B. McCrea)
14. S. Furlong (T. Kelly)
15. L. Glynn

I feel if we got all the above players in the county set up with proper training methods and everything these bunch of lads could do well. They certainly should be good enough to gain promotion from division 4 and give Laois a right rattle.

wicklow_way (Wicklow) - Posts: 18 - 05/10/2013 12:47:34    1496126


Im not being bad but we need to be realistic this county is not going to get anywere in championship 2014 even if we do beat laois we have to play dublin after that. A county that won everything this year league,championship and the all Ireland

thegaaman13 (Wicklow) - Posts: 13 - 05/10/2013 13:53:06    1496172


We need to beat Laois and there is no reason why we cant, but Harry and his team need all the support they can get and Leighton back is a major plus,we need Chester back also and everything should be done to entice him back.Dublin is a different matter and no need to even think about it until after the Laois game.

anpleota (Wicklow) - Posts: 204 - 05/10/2013 15:14:09    1496205


thegaaman13, you are correct that we are not going to do anything in championship 2014, the issue concerning a lot of supporters is as follows - the way that football is being coached, administered, the whole setup is amateurish and as a county we are probably near the bottom no matter what way you measure so it is very difficult for genuine supporters (and I am talking about people who went to Armagh, one of whom was not me) to be optimistic when they have nothing to hope for. If we forget about the draw for the moment and ask the question - who would we beat at minor, under 21 and senior in the Leinster championship on a regular basis, you would be hard pressed to name another county that we would be confident against. At least under the previous management, there appeared to be a bit of progression but being honest we have gone back massively in the last 2-3 years and we are not far off being thought of (if not already) as a junior county standard playing in a senior championship ... so it is beyond 2014 that you should pose your question or let me pose it - how much progress do people think that the Wicklow senior team will make in the 10 years?

wicklowsupport (Wicklow) - Posts: 1198 - 05/10/2013 15:56:08    1496221


1. R Lambert (Aughrim)
2) B Murphy (Blesso)
3) Nolan (Balto)Hyland (AGB) Full back still a problem.
4) Hanlon (Blessington)
5) McWalter (Pats)
6) P McLoughlin (Blessington) Kelly (Eire Og)
7) Hayden (Eire Og)
8) J P Dalton (Kiltegan) Sherrin (Balto)
9) English (Balto)
10) A McLoughlin (Blessington)
11) P Cronin (Ballinteer St Johns)
12) Mernagh (Rathnew)
13) McGrath (Balto)JP Kelly (Balto)
14) Furlong (Kiltegan)
15) Glynn (Rathnew)

canas (Wicklow) - Posts: 131 - 06/10/2013 17:46:45    1496678


Flynn - Balto
Byrne - Annacurra (When has he ever let us down??)
Nolan - Balto
Bohan - Blesso
Chester - Eire Og
P McLoughlin - Blesso
McWalter - St Patricks
Stafford - Rathnew
Jumbo - Balto
Mcgrath - Balto
A Mcloughlin - Blesso
Jacko - Kiltegan
McCrea - Carnew
Seanie - Kiltegan
Coen - St Patricks

Gunslinger1 (Wicklow) - Posts: 7 - 06/10/2013 20:27:14    1496773


No matter what lads are picked for the panel, whenever it is picked, I think it is crucial that the physical strength and conditioning work begins now. I think for the most part the established players will be getting themselves back on the weights around now, if they're not already back, but it's the panel players and possible extended panel that need to be informed that they may be in the frame for next year and to start building themselves up! There are enough good young players around the county to have a quality squad, but there is no denying that if you cant compete physically or break tackles then you will be blown out of the water at inter-county level! I don't know if any players have been informed of plans like this for the upcoming season or will they have to go through the usual "trial matches" before they are given a shot. An 8 - 10 week gym programme could bring on a lot of potential players in leaps and bounds if given the right opportunity to be involved I think.

BigBall08 (Wicklow) - Posts: 22 - 15/10/2013 17:39:20    1501278


We are in October and guys are picking a team for the first round of the championship already lol. It is a fantasy football site you should be on . Ha Ha Picking a championship team in October ha ha

sirlarry (Wicklow) - Posts: 512 - 15/10/2013 20:29:19    1501345


So are we saying that we have no room for Ciaran Hyland, Alan Byrne or even dean Healy if he made a decision to return. I still think Stafford has a place on the panel. No jacko Dalton,Rory Finn, paddy Dalton. These players are still standing out at club matches. I know co level is a higher step up. Id put them all into winter training and see how injuries go throughout the national league. For the county to improve,club football must improve first. Dublin intermediate final is on tonight,imagine a team in wicklow been asked to play mid week in the championship. Be some crying with excuses

kodak13 (Wicklow) - Posts: 55 - 16/10/2013 10:33:55    1501474


Kodak13 - Absolutely agree with you regarding club matches midweek. Its something that should be definitely looked at, especially when you have district teams like St. Mary's and Shamrocks which are made up of Intermediate teams, which has resulted in the In Intermediate Championship dragging on year after year. Some clubs had no Intermediate championship game for 8 weeks of the Summer due to this annual farce! Having said that, I do agree and would encourage more clubs to get together under the guise of District Teams as it makes for a more competitive Senior Championship, as well as providing valuable experience for potential Senior County players.

BigBall08 (Wicklow) - Posts: 22 - 17/10/2013 10:05:24    1502023