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Replying To Bridalceoil:  "So dead on here. Usually its awash with banter and analysis after county finals.

The west is awake!

Valleymount got the monkey off their back after 22 years. Ashford will surely look back and wonder how their management got it into their heads by taking off their number 12. Criminal decision after the mayhem he was causing the Valleymount defence! Long overdue for Valleymount. How will the cope at intermediate?

Donard will be back mixing it with the elite of Wicklow GAA in 2021. But for how long? Donard the better equipped of the two teams get promoted but I cant see them causing many problems at senior. Not that they will care too much at the moment, they are the champions by right. If Coolkenno had have won promotion it could have spelled disaster for the club. A lot of older warriors would surely have hung up the boots.

Baltinglass really turned 2020 around after the disaster of 2019! They were by far the best team in Wicklow this year, without a doubt. Tinahely will be a force soon though. They have an exceptional group of young lads coming through and must be commended for the size of the club to be competing at senior!

It's a shame there is no club championship this year to see where we are at club level compared to other counties.

Any thoughts?"
Things are a bit "flat" on here at the moment it has to be said. But then, the site goes that way from time to time and I'd imagine the pandemic isn't helping. I have to say I enjoy the various contributions on every subject. From the almost cynical input from old codgers like me to the sometimes over enthusiastic optimistic contributions from the younger members. ( just like I once was). Things should warm up in a week or two when the inter county scene gets going. Hopefully we will get our old friend Pat Mustard back on. Nobody can ignite this forum like Pat. I have to say I'm surprised he hasn't been on following Balto's fine victory - and hearty congrats to them on that. We live in desperate times with everything we always took for granted turned on its head. Things may never return to exactly as they were before. This is why forums like these really should be more active, generating debate about our games and prospects etc. Something has to replace the banter of the pub, the after and during match debates and such.

Freethinker (Wicklow) - Posts: 273 - 25/09/2020 11:58:43    2294012


Well said Freethinker, you are right about this forum being an area for good old debates. Always a variety of opinions which always makes for good debate. Pat has been quiet for some time, might return when the inter county begin. The recent championship in wicklow must go down as one of the best in the last 20 years. Congratulations to Baltinglass, they weren't on my shortlist to win it but they can never be discounted especially given their history and so it proved. Looking forward to seeing how Davey and the boys fare in the condensed championship and league.

wicklowsupport (Wicklow) - Posts: 1179 - 25/09/2020 16:07:00    2294057


I agree that it was a very well run championship with some very entertaining matches. In light of what we saw throughout the senior championship, given the disruption through Covid, in a normal year would we have seen the same two teams in the final.

Just a question?

In relation to the the final itself I thought Baltinglass were the deserving winners . They found their forwards with proper direct passing a lot easier than Tinahely did theirs.

Coolkenno will be disappointed with their own final. I think they can play a lot better but credit is due to Donard. They could have won by a lot more had they brought their shooting boots in the first half albeit there was a strong wind against them.

Enjoyable year it has to be said

61123 (Wicklow) - Posts: 153 - 26/09/2020 19:14:50    2294199