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Club players to lose out because of concert

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While our chairman is happy enough to move our games to suit a concert in Croke Park the average club player will now lose another week in the fixture list. The senior football team will play on May 21st and if they beat Kildare will not play again until June 25th!!!!!!!!!!!!. if they lose to Kildare they play on June 18th once again the club player is just meant to sit idle during the summer months

hurlorhurley (Wexford) - Posts: 1428 - 05/02/2016 12:19:13    1822531


Got used to that long an ever ago......but why no games between those dates? There should be games every weekend unless the county teams are in action. End of. But why aren't the clubs kicking up about this, have you talked to your county board rep?

Pinkie (Wexford) - Posts: 4100 - 05/02/2016 17:17:50    1822666