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What does the Sky Deal mean for us here in the US?

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Am I the only person in the US that finds it strange that RTE and the GAA has not released any details whatsoever about this "New" Online Subscription Service which is supposed to be run by RTE to provide access to view the championship here in the US. How much will it cost?? What will we be ALLOWED to watch, can we chose what games? Will they rip us off just like Setanta/Premier Sports has been for years? Does anyone know the answers??

Dubfan Abroad (Dublin) - Posts: 282 - 02/04/2014 17:37:14    1569476


I spent a good while searching the internet last night for any details on this new subscription plan, and found nothing. Premium sport is horrendous. I paid 20 to watch a semi-final a few years back just because my mates were there, but never again. Now, I pay 10 a month for a proxy server, so, they'll have to come in at or under that. I'm still seriously disappointed that a deal wasn't (or couldn't, I wish the GAA would say if they even tried) reached to show matches on TV here. Even if it was a public broadcast channel. Australia got a number of free to air games. To promote the games here, they need to visible by the general population not just those looking for and willing to pay for online subscriptions. But, here we go again, one of the largest markets in terms of new players and development and still the U.S. is considered a backwater. So much for high hopes.

kilflynn (Kerry) - Posts: 64 - 03/04/2014 12:23:59    1569882


kilflynn - I agree. All GAA games this summer will be free on Channel 7 in Oz, which is one of their biggest channels down there. Now that is welcome to cater for the thousands of Irish down there and also for Australians themselves....however why could a similar deal not be done in the US? If the GAA had tried surly they would have said it. You won't promote GAA in the US if the sport is not made available on easily accessible channels.

yew_tree (Mayo) - Posts: 10804 - 03/04/2014 15:28:51    1570004


First of all, nothing will be shown for "free" in the US like Channel 7 have done in Oz. Never.

PremiumSports is an absolute joke I must agree. You can be hardlined into a T1 internet connection and still the quality is gash and the buffering a nightmare.

I don't mind paying but we must be given the chance to have an HD version worthy of the sport. If RTE are streaming games live online it should be easy to watch with the likes of Hola (free by the way, no ones pays for VPNs these days).

I'm holding out hope that Fox gets involved as they and Sky are owned by the same parent (Rupert).

Shinkicker (USA) - Posts: 145 - 03/04/2014 18:26:20    1570095


I just heard that Premium Sports has the rights to show matches for the upcoming three years. Ahh! A disaster! I hope publicans figure something else out.

kilflynn (Kerry) - Posts: 64 - 04/04/2014 17:16:13    1570468


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1570468 I just heard that Premium Sports has the rights to show matches for the upcoming three years. Ahh! A disaster! I hope publicans figure something else out.


Yeah man. I hope they don't drop any more matches like the 2013 Hurling Final.

mikeyjoe (USA) - Posts: 409 - 08/04/2014 16:26:28    1572456


We are all waiting patiently for the announcement of how much they will be charging (ripping us off?) and how few games we will get to see. There is a reason they have been low key about the on line service to the rest of the world and blowing their trumpet about the Sky Deal, why else would they take so long to tell us what we will have to fork out. I can tell you if they stick it to us we will all be sticking with our Overplay Proxy Server option which is $10 a month and they can shove their subscription service. Everything I've heard through the grapevine is that it will be the same as the premium sports deal, just under a different name. RIPPED OFF AGAIN!!!

Dubfan Abroad (Dublin) - Posts: 282 - 30/04/2014 16:47:08    1582581


heres the breakdown of costs for new internet service. More than 10 dollars a month I am afraid.

CocknyTribesman (UK) - Posts: 194 - 14/05/2014 16:06:12    1587658


so 110 euro....150 dollars in other words........not cheap....they basically are pricing it right at the break even vs just going to the pub and paying on the door i.e. 4 X 10 dollars per month through the championship season. That is highly dissapointing. They wil argue that it saves money for anyone paying for more than one person , makes more games available and doesnt incur anciallary costs.....all valid points, but clearly they have not taken a "nominal" approach with the pricing, rather a "whats the max price that offers perception of value"

rotarian (USA) - Posts: 55 - 15/05/2014 14:03:13    1588047


Rotarian - not sure what pub you have been going to but everywhere I ever went it was $20. I think it is a good deal, get to see every single match at home for around $150. Does not always suit having to go to pub and can now have whole family watching at home. Big improvement over existing.

GPlifer (USA) - Posts: 290 - 15/05/2014 15:13:01    1588107


110/$150 is higher than I expected but it is not very high. For me it is more affordable than the pub. Besides the $20 to get in the door, then $10 for breakfast and a few pints, I would drop $50 to see two matches.

mikeyjoe (USA) - Posts: 409 - 17/05/2014 11:59:33    1588856


How can we get games that are on Sky TV here in the US? will they be shown on the RTE/GAAGO player?

flacat (USA) - Posts: 34 - 04/06/2014 14:57:01    1597975