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Replying To Richieq:  "The IIP programme was halted for new applicants, those that already had applications and investment secured were fine, I know Meath have roughly 3 million in the bank from it for Pairc Tailteann and more will be payable between September and March totalling some 12 million I believe and the plan is to start work in Q2 of 2024 when all is lodged, Louth also have significant IIP funding coming their way but I think the concern CP had is with a protected 7 million shortfall in the overall protect which rocketed to 29 million from 12 due to inflation etc and was pared back to 25 million, CP have gone ultra strict on these projects due to having to perform bail outs before and won't give a green light until fully satisfied adequate funding is on place, I feel sorry for Louth but I would imagine the delay is short term and the project will get going, perhaps those in charge were a little to enthusiastic to get things goimg instead of getting all the i's dotted and t's crossed first"
25million on a 5 thousand seater with 9 thousand standing is pure bananas. When are county officials going to get real about expenditure? Cork, Mayo, Kildare and Roscommon have all had to get bailouts (Roscommon & Kildare have come out the other end). Galway got themselves into bother but seem to have kept the wolves from the door. Casement Park looks it will be built but not after letting it go to loss for 10 years. A refurbishment plan is probably all it needed. Clubs up and down the country have also got into bother with ridiculous spends on facilities and someb have had to have debt taken over by Croke Park. Some counties in fairness run tight ships which has to be applauded but my god there officials that would run the organisation into the ground if they were left to their own devices.

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Alternatively some counties have been bursting a gut trying to raise a few bob (Club Rossie for example) while others have raised millions with a stroke of a pen, with the Immigrant Investor Programme. (Meath in the previous post). Hopefully all the money as agreed will come through for Meath, Louth etc.

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Glad Peter Fitzpatrick is back in today

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