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Tommy Freeman

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I see Tommy Freeman from Monaghan is on his way to New York, anyone have any idea who will be snapping him up? What a player to get whoever manages to get him...

dboysingreen (Meath) - Posts: 36 - 13/05/2011 12:38:16    929883


A Farney friend tells me he will not be playing until he gets a feel for the place. But at the moment Leitrim are the odds on choice, I am across the water and am only relying on heresay.

lostintime (USA) - Posts: 533 - 13/05/2011 13:08:27    929920


Lietrim are after buying the championship before it begins...

bleedfootball (USA) - Posts: 139 - 13/05/2011 14:24:41    930012


only way a leitrim team will win anything is by snapping up talent like freeman and p geragthy who i hear is a goalie from kildare.

ROFL (Kildare) - Posts: 47 - 19/05/2011 12:04:53    934486


are leitrim looking for a new goalkeeper ?? whats happened to Pa Ryan ?? he wasnt envolved with new york this year ... has he gone home ???

tomdickharry (None) - Posts: 35 - 19/05/2011 20:34:11    935060


Cheers for the updates lads, looks like Leitrim so, they were the big spenders when I was out there too! He will have to settle in NY first though and see if he likes being away from home etc, the type of work he gets will play a big part also I imagine...

dboysingreen (Meath) - Posts: 36 - 23/05/2011 12:39:22    937602