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hi all

im looking to play in new york for the summer, anyone one know the best clubs in senior and what the usual story is regarding jobs and accom, is it hard to come by these for clubs these days?

senior09 (UK) - Posts: 83 - 02/05/2010 16:50:09    635888


hello there, young 22 year old with previous intercounty underage experience looking for a break from division 1 football in antrim for the summer, will go anywere in usa preferably were job and accomadation can be provided. cheers...

mileycirus (Antrim) - Posts: 21 - 04/05/2010 15:52:48    637459


this year cork are looking very promising to win the new york championship, so they would be a good club to consider. others that will probably make good runs for the cup are lietrim and down and i suppose tyrone. if you go on the nygaa website they have contacts for the clubs.

NY_rebel_county (USA) - Posts: 21 - 05/05/2010 14:53:46    638444


Have been playing intermediate last 12 years, need a change of scenery,lots of footballing experience...played in 3 county semi finals and a few quarter finals. as well as been called up to county development squad for u15 and have gained lots from it. want to compete in top division in US and will be commited for any training any game you name it. Accomadation and employment would have to be organised as well. thanks

Patch_eyes88 (Leitrim) - Posts: 217 - 05/05/2010 15:20:38    638505


I'm also looking for a club. I'm in San Francisco at the minute (nr San Jose actually). I have no idea about clubs here at the minute!

sparks_uuc (Fermanagh) - Posts: 91 - 06/05/2010 14:53:42    639637


Im headin over to new york there for the summer hoping to play a bit of hurling anyone have any contact details for teams or wat team 2 go for?

gameover (Galway) - Posts: 28 - 08/05/2010 21:40:29    641548


Hey. Just enquiring bout playin football in New York. Am thinkin of goin over 2 d US soon as im struggling for work. Id like 2 go 2 NY bcoz id like 2 play with d NY team. Iv played senior football with Wexford for 5 yrs and still am. Played d majority of games at wing forward during our run 2 d All Ireland semi's in 2008. Still playin away and im coming in2 d current championship after a good league. Can also play wing back nd play midfield with my club. Just lookin at my options, would like some info if dats possible, thanks.

mickeyfinn (Wexford) - Posts: 112 - 11/05/2010 17:01:59    643945


Hi mickey Finn , You d be welcome to NY. Send your number to [email protected] Were a senior club in Ny . Contact you asap

number1 (None) - Posts: 23 - 12/05/2010 13:41:47    644720


mickeyfinn - Always nice to see good players coming to town no matter who they play for. Go to and I would suggest you send an e-mail to any of the clubs. Best teams are Leitrim, Cork, Tyrone, Down, Cavan. Cork have had a Wexford connection with Rory Stafford and Ciaran Lyng for the last few years. Rangers I believe in Intermediate also have a few Wexford lads. Good luck with whatever you decide.

GPlifer (USA) - Posts: 290 - 12/05/2010 18:33:02    645219


This was posted as a new thread but has been incorporated here as the subject matter is the same.




where to play

i'm going to be spending my summer in america and was wonderin were i should play my football.

i'll be living in philly but heard the standard isn't good. i've got a couple of coaching badges and wouldn't mind doing some coaching while out n the states. i have played some county football at underage.

Administrator (None) - Posts: 535 - 17/05/2010 12:40:54    649450


Can anyone help me out here? Im aware of each team having the option to get six 60 day sanctions, is there a rule which allows one or two of those players to play back in ireland after the 60 days and then return to new york and play with the team they had played with previously??

skooner (USA) - Posts: 3 - 18/05/2010 16:12:26    651082


There is such a rule. Clubs are allowed to bring back two players on weekend sanctions once they have played four games during the championship here. These players are allowed to play at home.

GPlifer (USA) - Posts: 290 - 18/05/2010 16:40:37    651134


what club in wexford are ye from lad.

elbows.out (USA) - Posts: 3 - 18/05/2010 18:28:37    651308


Many players arrived for the summer? Who getting most players?

greenhead (USA) - Posts: 51 - 18/05/2010 18:55:12    651340


Thanks these two players have to be named when they get their sanction or is it decided later on in the year which two can go over and back?

skooner (USA) - Posts: 3 - 19/05/2010 09:18:35    651704