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Tipperary u16 hurling tournament

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Group 1
Venue: Moneygall
A. Galway v Waterford
B. Waterford v Offaly
C. Offaly v Galwey

Group 2
A. Laois v Dublin
B. Dublin v Clare
C. Clare v Laois

Group 3
Venue: Nenagh
A. Antrim v Tipperary
B. Tipperary v Limerick
C. Limerick v Antrim

Group 4
Venue: Puckane
A. Wexford v Kilkenny
B. Kilkenny v Cork
C. Cork v Wexford

Saturday 1st September 2012

Group games

10.30am A v B 12.30pm B v C 2.30pm A v C

Cup Semi-Finals @ 4.30pm

Group 2 V Group 1 in Moneygall D Fox Clare

Group 3 V Group 4 in NENAGH S Hourigan Lmk

Shield Semi-Finals @ 4.30pm

Group 1 R/Up v R/Up Gr 2 in KILCOLMAN P Kelly Tipp

Group 3 R/Up v R/Up Gr 4 in PUCKANE C Lyons Cork

Sunday 2nd September 2012.

In Semple Stadium, Thurles (Provisionally) both Cup & Shield finals

Shield [email protected] 11am and Cup final @12.30pm

Rules of the competition

Panel of twenty-four players (to be strictly adhered too)

Group games 20 minutes -a-side, semi-finals 20 minutes-a-side, and finals 30 minutes-a-side.

If teams tie on equal points, scoring difference will apply i.e. least scores conceded; if there is still a tie it will be highest score for.

In the event of a draw in both semi-finals and finals extra time will be played, five minutes aside. If still level the next score wins maximum of five minutes then sudden death with .65 meter frees.

Full GAA Rules apply.

If a player is sent off during the course of a game for two yellow cards, he will miss the rest of the game. If a player is sent off for a straight Red card his is not allowed play in the next game of the tournament.

All players are to line out as numbered in the official programme. All Counties please ensure that all your players are registered with the GAA.

Refreshments will be provided for mentors/supporters only. The decision of the organizing committee on all matters relating to the tournament if final.

Entry Fee €100 per team. €150 for 2 teams forwarded by Friday 12th August to Mrs Catherine Gleeson, Johnstown, Puckane Nenagh Co. Tipperary. Line out for programme to be forwarded to [email protected] by Tuesday 21st August.

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any other results
Dublin 4-19 Laois 1-5

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Tipperary u16B 0-6 Clare u16B 2-10

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Limerick 1-8 Tipperary 1-6

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All-Ireland U-16 A hurling semi-final result Limerick 0-12 Cork 0-11

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All-Ireland U-16 A hurling final Limerick v Galway tomorrow in Thurles

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40 mins gone in u16 Final: limerick 1-14 Galway 0-04

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result of shield final: Waterford 3-19 Kilkenny 1-12

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all ireland u16 final result limerick 3-20 galwey 0-08

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