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Row In The Camp Before Cork Game

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Anybody hear anymore from the in-camp fighting that was about before the Cork game???

Lets hope this is sorted now & we can have a long summer of hurling ahead.

WildPundit (Tipperary) - Posts: 1643 - 08/06/2010 19:25:56    671350


first i heard about that!!

lowerormond (Tipperary) - Posts: 1267 - 08/06/2010 20:45:35    671435


Not many have heard it but unfortunatly I did try to print this but I had too much info disclosed. MOD did not print it then. Yes it is true though and fair hard to believe after the heights of last year. Shades of 2003 creeping back in.

WildPundit (Tipperary) - Posts: 1643 - 08/06/2010 21:13:35    671482


Its the first time i heard of any in-house fighting about this present squad, lets hope the air was cleared on the meeting they had the following Tuesday night.

Amileabove (Tipperary) - Posts: 1 - 09/06/2010 09:56:21    671655


Thats why Sheedy called this meeting. I know its very sad to be saying this & posting it up but its fact the lads had disagreements before a ball was ever thrown in against Cork.You could see that our heads were not focused & we made Cork look good & walk over us.Thats not Tipperary.

The Wexford game will tell a lot if we are in the running for All-Ireland honours.We have not played one good match all year bar maybe 35 mins against Galway in the league in Galway. We beat Kilkennys bench in the league 2 nd game so I wouldnt count that as a great performance.Hard to believe but I think we are taking a step back from the heights of the last 2 years & something is definatly wrong.

WildPundit (Tipperary) - Posts: 1643 - 09/06/2010 13:42:10    671971


I find it very hard to believe that there was any in fighting as you call it before the Cork game.Why would there be,the Tipp. team are well looked after,no one was dropped before hand,training went well.Just accept they had a bad day when nothing went right for them.Now is the time to get behind them and give Tipp all our support.I think they will be very hard to beat from now on.

Nullisecundus (Tipperary) - Posts: 45 - 09/06/2010 17:43:59    672398


I certainly hope so Nullisecundus. We have a second chance now so the lads better knuckle down & take it seriously. Its going to be a long , hard , difficult road to get back to where we want to be.Croke Park in September. They dont look like they want to put bodies on the line like last year when the chips were down we always pulled back & got the win.Even with 14 men v Kilkenny I was still fairly confident we had the final won up until the penalty that never was!

WildPundit (Tipperary) - Posts: 1643 - 09/06/2010 18:40:51    672469


wild pundit, youre really living up to your name there.

eireog (Tipperary) - Posts: 127 - 12/06/2010 14:42:57    674999


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674999 wild pundit, youre really living up to your name there

Yup I always had faith in that team but a little critisism never did anyone any harm either!!!

I think we will beat Wexford but not as easy ( maybe we will ) but we could have a few banana skins along the way with teams like , Clare , Dublin , Offaly into the mix Limerick too but we'd never be that lucky to draw them if they lose to Cork!!!

WildPundit (Tipperary) - Posts: 1643 - 15/06/2010 19:26:26    678488



where did you hear that from I heard indirectly from a player that there was no trouble in the camp.... if there was it could explain things but looks like that's not the reason either

Hag_and_Cheese (Tipperary) - Posts: 6103 - 15/06/2010 20:07:03    678536


I heard it from a player who let it slip in error. He did mention the player in the camp who was causing the issues within the camp but did not say why. I asked another player on the panel as I know 2 fairly well from college & playing matches against them in Championship & this player told me the same but would not release details.He said it was an internal matter & had been dealt with.The players would probably not want to say anything was going on & im very behind them on that but when a player lets it slip like he did it does say something. The player who let it slip is not on the starting 15 as of yet & I doubt he will make the starting 15 anytime soon.

I didnt believe it myself but after speaking to 2 players it does seem like something did go wrong in the lead up to the Cork game. Im firmly behind the players & management & do hope that they turn around the season & end on a high by proving we are the best hurling county in Ireland. We are far better than Cork & still baffels me as to how we lost & after hearing this slip of the tounge it leads me to believe that something has happened but at least its not splashed all over the papers.

WildPundit (Tipperary) - Posts: 1643 - 15/06/2010 21:15:23    678618