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Delighted with the result performance yesterday probably our best display in a few years hung on comfortably to a 1 pt win but could of been more. Game management was well executed Kick out strategy was 100% and team work and discipline was perfect. My only negative was a little wasteful in front of goal first half especially , free selection to opt to shoot from long distances when free taker wasn't lighting up the game was naïve , I thought there was another 10 minutes in Brannigan and holdcraft weakened the team with changes. Derek delighted to see him back but needs to understand this team in evolving and old school carrying the ball into contact and passing as a second option are gone the ball is moved straight away if pass is on Andy continually made the same mistake yesterday and was overturned 3 times in the first half. Jim and Ciaran are prime examples of the team ethic, Decky was excellent with a big game next Saturday and potentially a final the following week the panel will be vital.

N08CUTN (Mayo) - Posts: 266 - 25/03/2019 10:34:12    2175181