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With the foreign sport now moving into Summer, does this leave the winter months free? If so there is a great opportunity here for the GAA to get more games in.
Maybe tournaments with a different edge could be introduced? 7 a side matches or cross county matches, i.e south louth, mid louth and north louth. Were 3 representstives from each club must be on the pitch at all times.
Just some food for thought.

BluenYellow (Louth) - Posts: 103 - 06/09/2018 07:41:44    2139712


3 players form each club on field at all time would be too difficult to carry out.

I think it's better that the county manager arranged his squad of about 50-60 players and arranges them on gym and S+C and programmes of that sort so the county squad can develop physically and also let any potential fringe players blossom. There is about 12-15 players who are going to be on the squad that's a given. With 2 or more O'Byrne cup games and 2-3 challenges and in house games, I honestly think management should be looking at 60-70 players and you'd have a fair go at naming 50 yourself.
All such players should be given the programmes and told roughly what they need to work on as individuals to better their game and if they do the work in the gym and bring this into performances then all the better.

What I don't want to see is the new manager announce a squad of 40 players and flog them all winter and be playing near full strength teams in O'Byrne cup.

Your certainly right in saying there is opportunity there for something though, I just don't think playing games on windy wet dark cold winter nights probably on that death patch of Astro in darver would be the answer.

Frederick (Louth) - Posts: 476 - 09/09/2018 19:58:15    2140531