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Louth v Wicklow Leinster Championship!

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Kick outs may not have worked to plan but 21 wides is ridiculous.
Its not just Lynch who has to improve for the next day.

AC (None) - Posts: 314 - 23/05/2017 11:54:45    1989752


Replying To 19616609:  "It was good to win and congrats to the team but it was far harder than it should have been. E.g.
- Poor kick outs . Many times we had an unmarked player in the left full position but the ball kicked to the right and lost.
- Short passing over done when scores should have been taken.
- Ryan Burns taken off after pointing a 45. We got another free from a similar position a minute later but Sam missed it. I liked to see Sam on but there were other options to taking Ryan off.
- Discipline still a problem. Anthony , who was one of our best up to then , got a deserved black card.

We have the team to take Meath on 4th but yesterday's errors must not be repeated."
I see your point about ryan burns he is decent at scoring frees and 45s but from play he doesnt do much and can be bullied off the ball.

gooch13 (Louth) - Posts: 656 - 23/05/2017 12:45:19    1989780


Replying To OLLIE:  "Cont me in Wicklowman."
Send the message so Ollie

Wicklowman (Wicklow) - Posts: 1034 - 23/05/2017 13:23:35    1989804


Replying To Wicklowman:  "Send the message so Ollie"
I will indeed Wicklow man.

OLLIE (Louth) - Posts: 12224 - 23/05/2017 16:52:43    1989888


Very poor crowd - what was at it €2.5k?

MR (Louth) - Posts: 2570 - 25/05/2017 22:40:14    1990855


Replying To MR:  "Very poor crowd - what was at it €2.5k?"
Wicklow would not have much of a following and it is not known as a GAA county. Plus they finished second bottom in Division Four.

OLLIE (Louth) - Posts: 12224 - 25/05/2017 23:14:55    1990866


Possibly 3k
Terrible turnout. But you can guarantee the armchair louth fans will turn out for Meath game and if we win they will tell everyone how much of a great supporter they are.

joej (Louth) - Posts: 1538 - 25/05/2017 23:45:27    1990875


Replying To joej:  "Hurlingnut
Enjoy the qualifiers in a few weeks"
well Joej I assume that you can now see my point which is well illustrated in the fact that both county's exited the football championship on the same day. The point I am making is there is nothing in this for county's like ours. Time to introduce a Christy Ring like structure for really weak counties.

"Best of luck to both sides today. Hope you all enjoy the big day. Winners will march on to ultimate disappointment in Leinster and then the qualifiers which will also end in disappointment. Losers will head disappointed and disillusioned to the qualifiers where they will find even more disappointment."

hurlingnut (Wicklow) - Posts:57 - 21/05/2017 13:20:45

hurlingnut (Wicklow) - Posts: 258 - 18/06/2017 22:29:13    2001458


I know hurlingnut. Our year was determined by promotion in the league. Your lads were unlucky against us and very unlucky against Laois. To be honest if we had put ut up to meath and naybe beat them it wouldnt matter to louth fans if they never won another game all year. Our year ended badly and has left us feeling hard done by.

joej (Louth) - Posts: 1538 - 19/06/2017 13:22:02    2001803