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down for christy ring

sliothar (Antrim) - Posts: 339 - 04/06/2013 12:33:48    1398282


Good luck this weekend lads. Hope we can reverse the last meeting in Newry. Should be a great game as both teams are pretty close. Looking forward to it. Will the Kingdom hurling fraternity travel big to Croke Saturday?

saulgael (Down) - Posts: 551 - 05/06/2013 16:04:07    1399506


Lads looking for a good game, we have come on leaps and bounds since the league match and Im sure ye lads have too - safe journey to Croker and may the best team win

Tim_Burr (Down) - Posts: 460 - 06/06/2013 10:34:10    1399983


dont seem to be any interest in kerry lads

Stmunnsriver (Wexford) - Posts: 1957 - 06/06/2013 14:35:28    1400313


Theres nine pages on the Down site.

sliabhnaslat (Down) - Posts: 93 - 07/06/2013 18:40:16    1401471


Haha we're very relaxed about it. Anyways we're lucky to get nine pages on a football thread!!

Best of luck to the hurlers tomorrow hoping for a great game and a mighty session in Ballyduff tomorrow night!!!

Jackos_Wacko (Kerry) - Posts: 417 - 07/06/2013 18:59:37    1401488


Another Kerry team falls to the Ulster Houdini.

Jack L (None) - Posts: 2825 - 09/06/2013 21:57:59    1402628


Great game the weekend beaten by a late goal, just the way it is unfortunately!

Ah good man Jack L .... how are your native Mayo progressing with ole small ball or are you grabbing the coat tails off the Jacks again?

Ciarrai Abu (Overseas) - Posts: 1050 - 10/06/2013 08:52:52    1402658


Savage unlucky Saturday lads, well played

Horsebox77 (Kerry) - Posts: 5002 - 10/06/2013 11:31:34    1402834


Horsebox it was unlucky but the same thing happened us in Newry in the first round when Kerry got a goal at the end.
That actually was a major factor in this win when Down players had a savage amount of matches both in Christy Ring and Antrim League in the month of May. Pity there was a loser but by god glad it worked out for us in the end

Tim_Burr (Down) - Posts: 460 - 10/06/2013 15:06:51    1403153


Jack L
County: All
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Another Kerry team falls to the Ulster Houdini.

Yes despite the fact they beat 2 Ulster teams to get ot the final in the first place...

moomoo (Kerry) - Posts: 4023 - 10/06/2013 16:56:58    1403310


The lad Nolan is some player and reckon he could make it on to the teams of some of your Munster hurling neighbours. What happened all the talk a few years back of Kerry re-entering MSHC? How is the underage scene down there?

sliabhnaslat (Down) - Posts: 93 - 10/06/2013 19:08:49    1403494