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Fri/Sun double fixtures, then weeks upon weeks with no fixtures... welcome to Fermanagh Senior Mens Club Football!!!

I'm all for giving the county side a platform in order to perform to their highest capabilities, but does know one think this has gone far enough!

Club teams are struggling for numbers for training sessions around the county...FACT! This isn't helping matters.

sidelinecut40 (Fermanagh) - Posts: 84 - 04/06/2015 16:57:13    1732486


I wouldn't mind there's a simple solution. Play one fixture per week & come every Ulster championship no club fixtures for the weekend before & obviously the weekend of the game County game (giving the County 2 weeks). Now, when the County get eliminated from the Ulster, no cancellation of Club fixtures apart from the weekend of the when the County is playing in the back door. It's a simple solution & maybe make's too much sense cause anyone that think's If Fermanagh go out of Ulster that they'll win the All Ireland needs their heads examined & furthermore playing a Club game a week before a qualifier would not be a reason for a defeat.

Seamus86 (Fermanagh) - Posts: 24 - 04/06/2015 17:53:34    1732515