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Club Vs. County (Fixtures)

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As the 2015 club fixtures are being sorted out in the next few weeks, What do people think the answer is to the Club/County row which goes on every year in Fermanagh. What is the fairest thing to do?

Is it beneficial to play 9 Games in weeks like last year? .. Is the 14 day rule in regards to 'No club football for 14 days before championship game' ever going to work if Fermanagh actually start winning some games?

Does anyone think they have the answer to solve the problem this year?

Susuki82 (Fermanagh) - Posts: 56 - 26/01/2015 16:26:25    1686593


Any word of fixtures, or even dates for rounds?

solano (None) - Posts: 501 - 06/02/2015 08:27:11    1690583


Apparently it has been delayed until this week. The Championship draws are to take place this Monday night 9th February.

Susuki82 (Fermanagh) - Posts: 56 - 06/02/2015 10:40:49    1690635