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Should the Gaa go professional

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This is a subject in in the Donegal Daily in which our county senior captain came out strongly against I agree whole hardly with him Our national games r going for well over one hundred years and r getting stronger every year Why would anyone want to change now What I would like to happen is for every County give their team a holiday every year as only the top teams get one This could be done by adding one euro to get in to all games That would nt be too much to ask to reward the player s who entertain us week in week out Just an opinion what does everyone else think

Tonyjack61 (Donegal) - Posts: 172 - 10/02/2016 15:04:04    1824414


In this country we never seem to learn and are determined to throw good money after bad! A professional GAA is in no way shape or form financially sustainable. So those who advocate it need some smelling salts because they are in dreamland.
Certainly the players should be rewarded in some manner. Maybe a percentage of the gate receipts could be pooled and divided among the squad. Take for example a full house in Clones on Ulster final day. 35,000 x €15 (Average) = €525,000. 10% of that is over 50 grand. Split between the two teams is €25000. A 25 man squad then would each be entitled to a grand a skull.

Lockjaw (Donegal) - Posts: 7103 - 11/02/2016 11:33:20    1824637


I'm not sure I'd advocate a team holiday necessarily, however, the players do need to be looked after financially. I believe they do alright! Professional is not the way to go! Any businessman would realise that there just is not the finances coming in to pay players! Where else does the money for salaries come from? If there was a way, it would be done by now! Most teams are lucky if county boards can manage to treat them with the likes of a holiday, but I doubt if they all get it..

81DLSAM (Donegal) - Posts: 281 - 11/02/2016 14:52:19    1824714