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Kilcar are a funny outfit, they wont play most league matches in Donegal without their county players and only play star games and the odd game where they are allowed to play the players and keep every other team waiting on them, but go into an Ulster U21 Competition with out their county panel played! Hard to have any sympathy for then, but I do in this case!
Club competitive games should be above challenge matchs for a county team and their players should have been playing for their U21 Team today.
But maybe Kilcar can explain it better themselves why this was allowed to happen!

PastandPresent (Donegal) - Posts: 345 - 23/01/2016 19:02:38    1818667


What are you raving on about? I'm not from kilcar but I tell you one thing, you're talking nonsense

chucknorris (Donegal) - Posts: 99 - 25/01/2016 15:39:24    1819114


As a Kilcar man I agree that it was disappointing not to have the county players available last weekend but the Ulster U21 club competition is not held in very high regard from what I hear.

MuckrossHead (Donegal) - Posts: 5003 - 26/01/2016 12:55:26    1819357


Really,Chuck How so,care to elaborate ?

PastandPresent (Donegal) - Posts: 345 - 26/01/2016 14:23:45    1819403