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So we are up and running. Shocked with how bad Knockanna were on Saturday Barndarg dont look worldbeaters either and will have to improve their shooting.

Laragh v coolkenno a much better game. Laragh could take some beating this year but i expect kilmac will be unbackable

No_Drama (Wicklow) - Posts: 509 - 03/05/2015 14:11:34    1719901


Does anyone know who's over Kilmac this year, had heard they'd lost their management from last year

Victorious87 (Wicklow) - Posts: 480 - 03/05/2015 16:05:29    1719931


no Drama- were you even at the match??? First thing, Laragh were beaten and secondly it was coolboy they were playing.

hairyfoot (Wicklow) - Posts: 98 - 03/05/2015 17:18:19    1719965


I wouldn't read to much in to knockanannas first result. If memory serves me right Kilmac gave them a similar hiding this time last year. It didn't stop their impressive run afterwords. 6 group games is a lot.

St Pats second team any use this year?

intheback (Wicklow) - Posts: 204 - 04/05/2015 18:44:16    1720189


What junior championship games on this weekend. Has anyone predictions

No_Drama (Wicklow) - Posts: 509 - 13/05/2015 13:02:41    1723143


Fixtures this weekend are;
Kilcoole V Coolboy
Laragh V Kilbride
Newcastle V Kilmacanogue
Carnew V Barndarrig
Knockananna V Eiré Óg
Valleymount V Shillelagh

I am going for wins for Kilmac and Barndarrig. The other games are harder to call. Coolboy going well in the league but Id fancy Kilcoole to shade that one. Kilbride have a great manager in Pat Lambe and will put it up to Laragh. Knockananna had a bad start to the year but they are very rarely firing on all cylinders this early in the year, not sure what Eire Ogs second team will be like. Valleymount and Shillelagh will be another interesting one. I think Valleymount will shade it.

hardybuck28 (Wicklow) - Posts: 123 - 13/05/2015 13:39:02    1723172


I see Kilmac destroyed Pats in J.A football yesterday.
3-10 to 0-5 , they are looking like odds on favs.now to win
J.A.champioship at last !!
I think top team in each group reach the semi final.
Then second & third in each group into Qr.final
group 1 ,third v group 2 second and vies versa.

Kilcoole should be second, with Coolboy getting third.

Barndarrig to win the other group , maybe Valleymount second
with EIre Og making the third spot ...

Kilmac / Barndarrig final ?????

Goldfinger0007 (Wicklow) - Posts: 66 - 01/08/2015 16:34:06    1762042


Was in Baltinglass yesterday for double header in Jun A Vallymount ran away with the game vs Knockananna who seem to be struggling this year and you couldnt take anything from that game,Coolboy vs Kilbride was very tight,Kilbride seemed to be short a good few of their starters so will be glad to come out of it with a win,they made some shocking handling errors and coolboy fed off that but kilbride seem to be hard to beat now,this group still very tight except for the top side who are unbeaten,who do you think will be the others to come out of this group.

finishedplayin (Wicklow) - Posts: 125 - 02/08/2015 16:10:13    1762493


Looking at the group tables it will be Kilmac and Barndarrig who top the groups and will go straight through to the semi finals. Kilcoole will take 2nd place in Group 1 but 3rd place is still all to play for. St Pats are slight favourites but all teams in group 1 still have a chance. In Group 2 Bray will take 2nd spot if they beat Eire Og tomorrow. Valleymount should get 3rd spot.

My prediction - Group 1: Kilmac, Kilcoole, St Pats
Group 2: Barndarrig, Bray, Valleymount

hardybuck28 (Wicklow) - Posts: 123 - 03/08/2015 17:17:04    1763221


Hardy Buck

Id say your pretty much spot on.

intheback (Wicklow) - Posts: 204 - 04/08/2015 11:32:52    1763602


Both semi finals this weekend in Aughrim. Barndarrig have had a great year and only lost 1 game all year, I believe they beat Donard in a friendly a couple of weeks ago also. They should have too much for Bray. Kilmac should ease past Valleymount the big pitch in Aughrim will suit the way they play. How many consecutive finals will this be for Kilmac if they do beat Valleymount?

hardybuck28 (Wicklow) - Posts: 123 - 24/09/2015 11:23:08    1791722


Think Barndarrig V Kilmac Final Barndarrig to win

No_Drama (Wicklow) - Posts: 509 - 24/09/2015 21:21:20    1792113


These games could go either way Kilmac and Barnindarrig are both beatable so dont write of the other 2 yet!!

yosser (Wicklow) - Posts: 225 - 25/09/2015 18:08:37    1792480


Kilmac v Valleymount was a good exciting game of football.
Barndarrig and Bray was very poor. Lacked intensity. Bray were woeful and I wouldn't read to much in to Barndarrig win.
Either way it's Kilmac v Barndarrig final.

I think Kilmac have enough to see it out this year all there subs made an impact today and seem to have a big panel. The same could not be said for Barndarrig.

intheback (Wicklow) - Posts: 204 - 27/09/2015 21:19:33    1792838


I can't say I agree with that analysis. Barndarrig didn't have to play their full hand yesterday. They cruised into a final without ever being threatened. Kilmac on the other hand were very fortunate to escape with a victory. Valleymount exposed a number of glaring weaknesses in their side and if they had brought their shooting boots in the first half it would have been a different result.They must be kicking themselves this morning because the left that game behind them.
Barndarrig are strong in areas where Kilmac struggled yesterday. If Kilmac don't sort out their kick out strategy they won't win enough primary possession to win the game. Barndarrig also have a physicality Kilmac lack and will win a lot of the collisions. Kilmac are a better balanced team but will struggle unless they can win ball in the middle third where Barndarrig are at their strongest.

themaddog (Wicklow) - Posts: 81 - 28/09/2015 10:47:01    1792944


After what I saw in Aughrim yesterday I believe Kilmac should now have what it takes to go on and win the final. In previous years they breezed through semi finals winning by large scores but yesterday they were given a real game by an impressive Valleymount side and had to dig deep to get the win. The team would have crumbled in previous years after surrendering an 8 point half time lead but they showed great bottle yesterday to weather the storm when Valleymount came back at them. Barndarrig on the other hand won their match without moving out of second gear and will be in for a much sterner test in the final. It should be a great game in two weeks time.

hardybuck28 (Wicklow) - Posts: 123 - 28/09/2015 17:10:52    1793255


I think Barndarrig will win by at least 4 points

No_Drama (Wicklow) - Posts: 509 - 30/09/2015 21:15:23    1794468


Well done kilmacanogue junior a champions. Barndarrig your time will come as that's a good team u have. Last championship title for kilmac 1997 so a long wait.

saturday (Wicklow) - Posts: 6 - 10/10/2015 21:01:01    1797750


Kilmac were clearly the better team in what was a poor final. They got their match ups right and limited the influence of Barndarrigs two main players. They created a solid platform around the middle third and caused problems for the Barndarrig defence throughout. Poor discipline was their only real concern with four frees brought forward to scorable positions in the final quarter giving Barndarrig some hope in a game where they were outplayed.
Barndarrig never asked any real questions of Kilmac and apart from a possible penalty in the opening moments never threatened the Kilmac goal. They allowed Kilmac to dictate the terms on which the game was played never varying their approach. Too often they carried the ball into the Kilmac defensive line and were turned over leaving themselves open to a quick counter attack. They didn't have any apparent strategy to deal with the Kilmac kick outs and lost the aerial battle in an area where they should have been stronger. They left Morgan free around the middle and he mopped up a lot of loose ball as well as picking up the Barndarrig runners when they attacked. They failed to vary their tactics even when it was obvious they weren't working.
Credit to Kilmac, they have persisted despite all the disappointments and I'm sure their victory was all the sweeter as a result. Well done.

themaddog (Wicklow) - Posts: 81 - 11/10/2015 12:33:20    1797797


Kilmac finally got there. I doubt many begrudge them. Money off there back now. Can they go on from here?

intheback (Wicklow) - Posts: 204 - 15/10/2015 09:00:41    1798873