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Kildare 1-16 Wicklow 1-17 Hawkfield, Newbridge, Kildare.

As usual these teams served up a nail biter. Wicklow fell 1-1 behind very early on, but hit back straight away with an O'Brien ( I think) goal. We were about 3 up at half time. Second half started very slowly and allowed Kildare back into it, due to a combination of punting the ball up the pitch and good Kildare play. Once however we started moving it with some thought things got a bit better. Moorehouse and Lee got equalizing scores, cannot remember who got the winner. Kildare had a goal disallowed in injury time for a square infringement, but in truth either team could have won it.

Team per sheet : Kennedy O'Brien/Kelly/Keane Kavanagh/Henderson/Cuddihy Kearns/Connors Byrne/O'Neill/Staunton Lee/O'Brien/Nugent

Man of the match (for me ) : Chester Kelly

sponger (Wicklow) - Posts: 2729 - 25/01/2015 15:12:42    1686213


Just seen this on twittr


sirlarry (Wicklow) - Posts: 512 - 27/01/2015 13:03:58    1686857


So a win over Maynooth, and a final against Meath in Trim this weekend I believe.

sponger (Wicklow) - Posts: 2729 - 02/02/2015 21:17:28    1689449


aye in Trim, 2pm. Not a great record against meath in this coomp in Trim but really positive about this Sunday.

macfeargusa (Wicklow) - Posts: 240 - 03/02/2015 08:03:02    1689480


What happened in Trim yesterday, I heard this morning there was some kind of incident on the line,and Meath and Wicklow could be in hot water over it.

pistelero (Wicklow) - Posts: 1715 - 09/02/2015 17:01:06    1691750


Site very quite about Trim incident as is the Meath one.National media have picked up on it.

pistelero (Wicklow) - Posts: 1715 - 10/02/2015 19:42:29    1692244



wicklowrunner (Wicklow) - Posts: 637 - 11/02/2015 13:42:13    1692466


Put up a post earlier explaining what happened from a wicklow point of view. For some reason it was not included on the forum even though some of the national papers used more detail than I did. Safe to say this was a disgrace and answers will be needed.

townieee (Wicklow) - Posts: 261 - 11/02/2015 15:47:00    1692528


Towniee, I've posted a reply to your post that wasn't published.

macfeargusa (Wicklow) - Posts: 240 - 12/02/2015 09:19:06    1692722


McFeargusa how can one post a reply to a post that wasn't published here in first place.

pistelero (Wicklow) - Posts: 1715 - 12/02/2015 19:53:51    1693102


Good luck to the hurlers today,games between Carlow and Wicklow are tight affairs and home advantage counts for very little,it usually boils down to who keeps 15 players on the field.Carlow have never been the most disciplined especially if things are going again them,so keeping the head under pressure is the key.

pistelero (Wicklow) - Posts: 1715 - 15/02/2015 12:11:41    1693652


Leighten Glynn received a straight red today. Is the suspension confined to hurling or does it impact the football code.

Jack L (None) - Posts: 2866 - 15/02/2015 14:26:13    1693669


Wicklows discipline is gonna cost them another game today. 2 weeks in a row straight red cards.

kodak13 (Wicklow) - Posts: 55 - 15/02/2015 14:39:26    1693672


County: Wicklow
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1686213 Kildare 1-16 Wicklow 1-17 Hawkfield, Newbridge, Kildare.

It appears the game fell flat for Wicklow to day sponger after the above result, Kildare came out and scored an impressive
0-22 against an always tenatious Meath, so what happened.

supersub15 (Carlow) - Posts: 2377 - 15/02/2015 17:30:14    1693744


Was the red card justified,what was it for,looking at the score I doubt if we would have got anything out of the game anyway. It looks like we could be heading back to 2b.Glynn will miss next two games unless there is an appeal put in.

pistelero (Wicklow) - Posts: 1715 - 15/02/2015 17:46:03    1693758


Kerry / Derry ended in a draw, we would have to beat one of them at least.

Going to be a tough season.

sponger (Wicklow) - Posts: 2729 - 15/02/2015 17:52:03    1693765


All i'm saying is, Red card or not Glynn or no Glynn that is not the Wicklow team that beat an up and coming Kildare side a couple of weeks ago.

supersub15 (Carlow) - Posts: 2377 - 15/02/2015 17:58:37    1693772


Wicklow, I feel will struggle this season. Glynn's loss will be massive.

Jack L (None) - Posts: 2866 - 15/02/2015 18:18:59    1693785


Glynn's loss by all accounts will be massive but the lads got to this division without him and have done well without him for the last number of years. I don't think we should dwell too much on his absence since we still have a lot of quality players on that squad to survive in this league. Getting to stay in 2A is progress and rewarding by all means. If Glynn misses the next 2 games its very unlucky indeed but shouldn't affect us drastically in the overall scheme of things. At least we will have him as our secret weapon for the Christy Ring and we can really push for winning that this year.

SidelineSupreme (Wicklow) - Posts: 162 - 16/02/2015 11:46:08    1693964


The injuries to Mikey Lee and Chester will have a significantly greater impact than the loss of Leighton. Any news on them?

macfeargusa (Wicklow) - Posts: 240 - 16/02/2015 12:38:18    1693993