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As we get closer to match any thoughts on match? Yeah it looks unlikely we win but they wont fear Tipp and have nothing to lose we go down fighting.
Did any ye see report on Clare V Offaly (Irish Examiner Mon 06 June) James Mc at full back he seem to do ok ! and Conlon as extra back back in a Alan Markham like role from Kilkenny 2004!
But against Tipp they have Corbett or Kelly at FF are different ball game he did ok there 2 years ago, we cant afford a bad start like we had against Limerick in League Final and Tipp in 09. Are we compromising Johns ball winning ability putting him as an extra back? He the to go player in forwards and maybe Sparrow try curtail the best foward line in country? Hope Bugler, Honan and McGrath will be fit for match
I read too that Gilly and Carmody are on intermediate panel. Gilly was asked about senior panel was non committal and tactful but guess didnt want media storm that he and Carmody were parachuted into panel like Graham Geragthy and not upset panel who been training all year. At the end of day maybe not bad a thing if they on the panel and imaging them coming on as subs because young forwards good and get a boost the two win ball and frees and few scores and you fear of McMahon taken off early against Limerick and Clancy thats interesting he runs out of steam in fowards but got 5 points at midfield v Offaly! A lot to discuss and ponder between now and Tipp match. End of the day we get behind them the most that team gave us great joy as U-21s and potential to emulate the team of 90s in few years time. COME ON THE BANNER!

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Just notice Liam Markam is out and D.O'Donovan looks like too.Liam is big loss was good v Limerick so could Clancy or Sean Cllins go midfield with Nicky.Clancy had graet start to his county career in 2006 and looked dynamic with Colin Lynch looked like we had our own Cha Fitzpatrick !IHope showed that form against Tipp.I say too Gilly and Carmody wont available for senior match they be in intermediate match beforehand.
I read we play challenge match against Cork Thursday 9th any reports it?Bookies long odds but sure they be competitive again most team won U-21-All Irelands in 2009 they young and it a team for the future.
An Clar Abu

claremaninkerry (Clare) - Posts: 92 - 10/06/2011 14:15:02    952373


The story I heard on the Cork challenge was we lost 3-14 to 1-18 to what was a very experimental Cork team, with Clare been close to full strength.
Putting Conlon back as an extra defender would be a disaster. Even in our heyday of the 90s we struggled to find ball winning half-forwards, so I'll be shocked if Conlon is taken out of half-forward line.
Have never been a big fan of Clancy, but if he is to play anywhere then midfield is the only place. Tipp were not too hectic in that area against Cork.

Being realistic, I can't see Clare winning this one -but we can always hope.

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guys im sorry but this has steamrolling all over it for me , tipp by twenty with lar getting a hatrick

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Agreed with you that Conlon essential in fowards he best one ,,to target ,win lay off ball to Honan McGrath Ryan.Clancy always like dynamo do lota work but couldnt score much so midfield he could hoover up loose ball and work well with Nicky.
After see Limerick spirted performance we at same level as Limerick(ok goals were soft we conceded in League Final and if we could iron out those defensive errors) and of course Tipp step above Decie we be competitive against them we unlikely to win(wont be beaten by 20 points) but it youngest team of Liam McCarthy teams we could have up to 11 of 2009 U-21 panel playing and youth play with no fears and all pressure on Tipp.

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