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Tesco Disgrace

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For those who haven't heard about this there is an article on Hoganstand about it. In short, children aged under 12 were asked by the Antrim Town Tesco manager to remove St. Comgall's GAA club gear while they were bagpacking to raise funds for their club. They were asked after a number of complaints to the shop, with one coming from a UUP Councillor for the area called Adrian Watson. In my opinion this is an aboslute disgrace, especially given the fact that there are numerous soccer clubs/ rugby clubs/ scouts etc. in Tesco every weekend fundraising who are not discrimnated against in the manner that our association is. I firmly believe that this is an insult to 1.3 million people on this island who are members of the GAA.

This is the link to the Tesco complaints section [url=] where I hope many gaels protest against this outrageous behaviour aimed against our association.

I, for one, will not be going anywhere near Tesco until an apology is issued and some serious support for the GAA to back it up and encourage others to follow suit.

Saffron (Antrim) - Posts: 216 - 29/04/2009 22:29:08    271788