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Hurling structure 2016

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Have thought long and hard regarding the senior championship which we all agree is a complete joke this year. This is what I would propose moving forward. For and against comments welcome.I would forsee 6 senior teams for the coming season. Bray Avondale Carnew Glenealy Greystones pats .

League and championship to coincide. A 6 team league so 5 rounds. 2 rounds to be played after completion of national league. Further 3 rounds played consecutively two weeks after final of Chrosty ring in June. Top 2 teams straight into final which is played early July. Winner crowned league champions.

Now teams are seeded 1 through 6.
Championship proper is now divided into two groups, A and B. Seeds 1,3,6 into group A. seeds 2,4,5 into group b so for example. Group A could consist of bray, Glenealy, Avondale . Group B Carnew , Greystones, St pats.
Now we have a round robin series all teams play each other. Top 2 in each group go through to semi finals. Winner A plays runner up B and so forth.

After semi finals are played then we have a county final pairing. Now the bottom two teams from the groups play for the billy Byrne cup. Beaten semi teams play for other trophy and winning semi teams play for county title. All these games are played on county final day in aughrim. So all 6 teams are playing hurling on the biggest day in the hurling calendar in Wicklow. This is a very straightforward structure . It gives teams games and places emphasis on the league section so we avoid walkovers and league positioning matters greatly .

I await your thoughts

Hurltheball (Wicklow) - Posts: 28 - 24/10/2015 15:50:46    1801722


Just make it straight knock out for 6 teams

The clubs giving walk overs usually are doing so after getting a few beatings and no longer have anything to play for, this way they can give it a good lash for one game and maybe cause a surprise so 1 game min, 3 games max (You can win an all Ireland playing 4)

Then just play the league as normal but give a big cash prize of 7 grand to win it, hopefully clubs will then take it seriously and try win it. (that's a lot of 2 euro lotto tickets that then dont have to be sold and any football chairman would also see that)

Clubs have the Leinister league which is another 3 games, that's 9 games for a team that doesn't win any matches

Start in March and finish it by first weekend of Sept that's 25 weekends to play max 12 games and leave it to the clubs to play the league games when it suits them but if they enter and give a walk over, fine them 7 grand and cut out the mickey mouse spring league and have Dessie Murphy, Billy Byrne cups etc as 1 day 7 a side or 11 a side competitions run by the clubs and use them as a fun raiser for the club and also invite clubs from other counties to play in them, then that will show if these clubs really want hurling or not

Its the clubs themselves that are giving the walk overs etc so its obviously these clubs that dont want to hurl. So with a set up like above they can be knocked out early and either decide to enter the league and take it seriously or dont enter it at all. Better to only have 4 teams taking it seriously and only playing a few games rather than 6 or 7 teams making a joke out of the whole thing, thats my two cents worth

Wicklow.boy (Wicklow) - Posts: 73 - 24/10/2015 21:02:48    1801755


Hurltheball.I would be broadly in favour of your suggestions.I would be very workable if all clubs bought it into it.I would have one concern about the league section as it is possible if a team has full points with one game left,they could give a walkover and still qualify for league final,on head to head,equally a team that has no points and is rock bottom,could give walkover knowing they would still be in championship format.I would introduce a rule that any team who gave a walkover in League section would be barred from taking any further part in championship.I think your proposal to play 3 finals on one day is noteworthy, my only concern there is if we had a lot of rain leading up to them, the ground would be very cut up,and probably unplayable before the last game,which would be our showpiece the senior championship final.

pistelero (Wicklow) - Posts: 1715 - 24/10/2015 21:16:51    1801759



I think there is a lot of merit in your suggestion. Well done it is great to see people coming up with constructive suggestions.

No_Drama (Wicklow) - Posts: 509 - 25/10/2015 17:17:31    1801836



I am fairly sure that it is against the rules to give cash prizes

No_Drama (Wicklow) - Posts: 509 - 25/10/2015 17:18:56    1801837