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despite a serious attempt to intimidate our players before the game we done our talking on the pitch. We destroyed a really poor Carnew team and will dominate Wicklow hurling for years to come.

No_Drama (Wicklow) - Posts: 509 - 05/10/2015 15:24:05    1796043


Was at the game, it was handbags!! Carnew playing mind games!! Brays fitness was the key, Carnew looked very sluggish, was a decent enough game of hurling

standview (Wicklow) - Posts: 18 - 05/10/2015 16:17:12    1796076


Tell me this now. What would the new co hurling manager learn from the senior final on Sunday?
How many players can he call upon to play for the county next year.

kodak13 (Wicklow) - Posts: 55 - 06/10/2015 08:31:46    1796212


I think there is one thing that you can bank on. The county team for next year will be made up with a large cohort of Bray players.

No_Drama (Wicklow) - Posts: 509 - 06/10/2015 11:06:31    1796277


No-Drama it doesn't really matter who is on co team next year,the standard of club hurling in Wicklow in the last 3 or 4 years has been abysmal,and it can be seen in our county results.We won one game in the League last year and got relegated to div2b which is really the 4th div.I won't say anything about Ring cup performances.With Kildare promoted Meath and Down look to be the main challengers for promotion,Wicklow might get enough points again Armagh,Mayo and Tyrone to finish 3rd Or 4th,but I wouldn't be surprised if we were relegated to div 3a.

pistelero (Wicklow) - Posts: 1715 - 06/10/2015 12:27:10    1796310


Wicklow always do well in the hurling when nothing is expected of them

The new manager will give it a breath of fresh air and we could possibly get promoted but what needs to then happen is that we stay promoted and improve the standard of our county hurlers over his term and the standard of hurler we make available to him. Then get another manager that will progress on these improvements and drive the county team on again

We keep ending up back where we started like what happened with the last manager all the good progress he made was lost in the last year

Wicklow.boy (Wicklow) - Posts: 73 - 06/10/2015 13:10:58    1796340


In fairness to Casey he got what he got out of the players and the decline for Wicklow last year after some relative progress has coincided with the fall off in both Glenealy and Carnew.

I hope most of the players are not from Bray because this will be to the detriment of the county. I have yet to see a senior county team flourish in either code where the majority of the players are from one club. The county needs Bray and 5-6 other teams at least at their standard..

ponger (Cavan) - Posts: 462 - 06/10/2015 14:26:10    1796407



I am not even slightly suggesting that the county team be made up from Bray alone.

We will probably have the biggest single grouping of players but there are also very good players to come from Glenealy, Eire Og, Kilcoole,Barndarrig, Avondale, Arklow Rocks, Carnew, Kiltegan and hopefully one or two from some other of the smaller clubs.

No_Drama (Wicklow) - Posts: 509 - 07/10/2015 10:52:13    1796665


Eddie I think you are being a bit of a drama queen there. No chance will we be relegated next year.

No_Drama (Wicklow) - Posts: 509 - 08/10/2015 20:11:16    1797255


What is going on in Bray Emmets at U14 and U16 hurling ? Both apparently gave walkovers in the latter part of their respective B Championships allowing other teams to progress to B Championship & Shield finals. Very strange for a club of that magnitude to even end up in B Championships, but then to seemingly give up altogether from late September onwards.

ogra (Wicklow) - Posts: 142 - 13/10/2015 11:24:12    1798282


Correction to my above post - it appears that Bray Emmets are competing in U16 B Hurling Chship and didn't give a w/o. Apologies.

ogra (Wicklow) - Posts: 142 - 13/10/2015 12:48:05    1798323


I was at the Pats V Avondale game yesterday and very disappointing display from both teams and what i noticed most of all is that the Avondale Senior team is all but depleted.I can honestly say i didnt recognize 90% of the team.Considering the Billy Byrne cup is hosted by the Avondale club, I would guess there is one Avondale family very disappointed in this clubs senior team today.

goalline2015 (Wicklow) - Posts: 22 - 18/10/2015 08:13:21    1799715


Dessie Murphy cup final in Glenealy this morning
EIRE OG/G 0-11

Think most at the game & playing were clock watching for the
end , for 1pm Ireland v Argentina rugby game & we saw how
that ended.....

Goldfinger0007 (Wicklow) - Posts: 66 - 18/10/2015 16:09:13    1799811


Couldn't agree more goaline. Terrible to see a club show lack of interest in a competition that is named after one of their own.

Apollo13 (Wicklow) - Posts: 21 - 18/10/2015 18:05:58    1799847


So as the dust settles on the 2015 Wicklow senior hurling championship what is to be learned. So many really poor games with walkovers and teams pulling out. What for 2016. will the clubs get together and come up with a proper plan to run the competition.

How will the collective address the many issues that exist. The decline in hurling in some areas. How will we deal with the discipline? There are a majority of good hurling people from every part and sector of Wicklow society but sadly there is a number of people with probably some in every club who bring disgrace to the noble game of hurling. Hurling is a tough manly physical game but there are some who are not worthy of playing the game.

No_Drama (Wicklow) - Posts: 509 - 19/10/2015 11:59:45    1800082


The top 4 as in Bray, Carnew, Glenealy and Greystones are doing all they can to keep hurling alive and 3 are dual clubs and glenealy have a few dual players so fair play to them, The likes of Avondale, St Pat's, Kiltegan need to have a look at themselves as they once were strong hurling clubs and have slipped and let it slip, maybe group teams like let arklow rocks play with Avondale or Newcastle,kilcoole play with st pats and have a senior Western Gaels...something like that could help. If not let the clubs trying to hurl into the Dublin or wexford leagues. They've done that in Carlow and look much they've came on

brollyboy (Wicklow) - Posts: 131 - 20/10/2015 16:59:29    1800681


Senior Hurling in 2016
(Try it for 1 year anyway & see if it improves matters)

Teams -
Bray Emmets
Carnew Emmets
EIre Og
East Gaels (St.Patricks/Kilcoole/Barndarrig)
An Glas Shamrocks (Avondale/Arklow Rocks)
Western Gaels (Kiltegan + W.G.Junior players)

Make 2 groups
Group 1 = 4 teams & Group 2 = 3 teams

Seed both Carnew & Bray in Group 1 & 2
Group 1 plays 3 games + 1 extra random round drawn.
Group 2 play each other twice.

Top 2 in Group 1 into semi final.
Top team in Group 2 into semi final.

Play off for last semi final spot , 3rd.in Group 1 v Runner up Group 2

Semi finals Group winner 1 v winner of play off and Group 2 winner
v Runner up in Group 1.

Look !
I know lots of people will object and criticise this suggestion.
But maybe just trying this format it might help improve and get more
games of hurling played.

Every team pays in a fee of €250 = €1750
When championship is over and all teams have played their fixtures
draw 2 teams , each receiving €875.

Only an idea , please don't shoot me down !!!!

Goldfinger0007 (Wicklow) - Posts: 66 - 20/10/2015 19:01:09    1800724


The clubs need to start training young players at 5 years of ages and do it every year forever more not just every now and again, that way if you lose players there will be another team to chose from the following year

Joining up teams wont solve anything as if a player from Avondale wont go from his local town to the GAA pitch he def wont drive to Arklow to train for hurling and vice versa.

Those two towns are big enough to field Junior Intermediate and Senior teams by themselves, how come they can do it for football but not for hurling ?

The question needs to be asked how come once strong hurling clubs are now struggling in hurling but can field two and three adult football teams so its not that all the players are off playing soccer rugby or left the country

What are the clubs doing ?

Wicklow.boy (Wicklow) - Posts: 73 - 21/10/2015 12:37:27    1800910


Goldfinger your plan is well meant but to me not a solution unless the group teams have the will to join up. If you think about it pats and Avondale have the players to be as good as Eire og , Carnew and probably Glenealy if they don't get their act together. Pats and Avondale should step down to intermediate if they aren't prepared to compete properly and work their way back up slowly the same as Bray did. As for Kiltegan they were always a district team and are rebuilding at juvenile. They won't be interested in hurling until those juveniles come through. Barndarig ,western Gaels and Kilcoole don't really have teams and should be let play with neighbouring clubs of choice on permission.

Northernboy (Wicklow) - Posts: 72 - 21/10/2015 20:39:22    1801120


The problem with groups are they seldom work in the long term. Parishes dont really identify with the grouping unless it is a longer term scene like the football in Kerry. Kiltegan have a group team for years at underage called Dwyers but it does not transfer to adult. They won a feile a few years back and you would struggle to find any of them players still on their senior (inter next year) team. Western gaels are a junior set up and are not really that good. Just lads playing for the crack. The disaster that is a possible Avondale and Arklow join up will achieve nothing.

No_Drama (Wicklow) - Posts: 509 - 22/10/2015 20:16:14    1801378