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McGee sticking up for his players

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It was great to see last Sunday a Wicklow team well prepared, playing some great football & playing with loads of heart! Yes there is a few things to work on but the signs look good. All the talk leading into the Meath game was how much they were going to beat us by & there injuries, that they had 6 lads making there championship debuts. There was nothing what so ever about 4 Wicklow players making there championship debuts & about all the players we were missing! Credit must be given to the management team! Also it was great to see McGee have a go at the Sunday game for there lack of coverage & him having a go on East Coast radio! He is right why should he stand by & let so called experts disrespect what his players are trying to do! How bad did Brendan Lawerence the sports editor of the Wicklow people look with his article this week trying to blame McGee for the lack of people turning up to Navan for the game because he didn't do an interview! Dose Brendan not realise it has been his Lazy journalism & years of negativity towards Wicklow is the real reason why people won't go to games not a manger who is only 8 months into his 3 year term.

Wicklowfan1 (Wicklow) - Posts: 46 - 21/06/2015 09:42:17    1740101


Agree 100% ...wicklow people hacks write same old drivel every year

curnew (Wicklow) - Posts: 448 - 25/06/2015 12:50:26    1742512


Agree that it was super to see Wicklow playing so well against Meath but disagree that the manager was correct in having a go in the media. After a great performance I think the focus should have been on the players, instead it was all about the manager. Dont get me wrong, I agree with his statements regarding the coverage but surely there is a better way to let your feelings be known, or maybe the Co Chairman could come out and say it instead??

Probably the best performance in past number of years in Championship for Wicklow ended up beig lost in the media by the manager having a moan about a subject that will not change - the TV coverage is never going to show the weaker counties games, no point in moaning about it.

W4S (Wicklow) - Posts: 104 - 26/06/2015 13:48:19    1743083


W4S - it wasnt about the manager, it was about the exposure of the players and it clearly stemmed from the pride Magee had in his players, which they would all have appreciated. It shows a determination for the future. And as regards the performance - yes it was great for Wicklow but on a national level the scoreline read that Wicklow lost another first round Leinster tie so the narrative of a great Wicklow performance would have been spoken about briefly and forgotten about within a day.
He came out with a piece not too unlike McGuinness a few years ago when he had to defend his players and the county after media treatment. A manager shooting from the hip like that in a passionate defence of his players could not be a more encouraging or rallying cry.

wicklu (Wicklow) - Posts: 331 - 26/06/2015 15:39:40    1743165


The bottom line is we lost to what was mostly a Meath second string conceding 2-19.I will wait and see how we perform again Armagh before I make any hasty judgements about our new status.

pistelero (Wicklow) - Posts: 1715 - 26/06/2015 17:16:34    1743206


A 2nd string Meath Team? They had 6 new players how many did Wicklow have? How many of the Forward line started against Meath 2 weeks ago start against Laois in the 1st round last year?
The point of McGee having ago was to highlight that his team played well got to within 4pts of a so called top team when everybody said they would be beaten by 15 - 20 pts & the other reason is for exposure to get sponsorships so they can get in the resources to build for the future! You didn't hear McGee say how many players he was missing in the lead up till the Meath game either.

Wicklowfan1 (Wicklow) - Posts: 46 - 26/06/2015 18:48:36    1743233


A creditable performance tomorrow would be the platform to put in an all out attack on promotion from D4 next year. As we know this is a new team without the experienced heads and this year was a learning curve. Next year has to be a year to build. While Louth and Wexford are also in D4, they are on a downward slide. After the league this spring nobody gave the lads a chance, certainly on this forum, but they did put in a performance against the second best team in Leinster. Armagh are vulnerable and this is s chance to put in a perfect performance.

Jack L (None) - Posts: 2845 - 26/06/2015 21:59:08    1743318