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Aughrim v Coolkenno

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Looking forward to this game. The 2 best teams in the intermediate. It's a pity one of them won't get a chance to represent The county in Leinster.

Gardenman99 (Wicklow) - Posts: 91 - 04/11/2013 11:23:18    1508949


Its a big pity but its a disgrace because we are clueless,st marys and rathnew should of been fixed for baltinglass 3 days after they drew.It took 3 weeks to sort out.Look what happened in dublin yesterday,replay 3 days later..We are a disgrace

theriddler (Wicklow) - Posts: 193 - 04/11/2013 12:32:07    1509004


I've predicted Coolkenno for this championship all year but are Aughrim waiting in the long grass?

Given the season Coolkenno have had...9 league games, 8 championship games with St Mary's (where they provide bulk of the team) and 7 intermediate championship games....have only lost ONCE...and that to Rathnew when had the game won....that should see them over the line at the weekend.

Watched their semi final at the weekend. Fit team that rely on quick ball in, strong free taker in Jackman and deploy a sweeper (Rossiter) who is intelligent enough to read the play.

However, Aughrim can do it on their day and will be fired up and Coolkenno forwards in particular better be ready for a physical battle. Aughrim will deploy a sweeper (prob Keenan) - stupid if they don't .

It will be the end of St Mary's tho if Coolkenno win is only thing and I give them a hesitant nod

In relation the Leinster championship, complete farce none of these teams not playing in it. Views on this for another day following a comment I heard in Aughrim on Sunday

WW (Wicklow) - Posts: 85 - 06/11/2013 21:57:59    1510158


WW.Coolkenno were my choice early in year to win Intermediate,they might still shade it but could have lost a lot of juice with all their exertions in the last 6 months,look at ranu last sunday they could never get going.the same could happen to crab lane boys next week.

small ball (Wicklow) - Posts: 278 - 07/11/2013 11:22:18    1510229


Coolkenno seem to have the stronger panel and with plenty of experienced old heads like Paddy Dalton and Don Jackman. They also have young stars like David Tompkins and Brendan Behan who will be the next big things in Wicklow Football. Aughrim are a good team who could cause an upset and with Derek Kavanagh , Stephen Mann and the Lambert brothers available could very well cause a big upset.

My verdict is Coolkenno by 1 point

No_Drama (Wicklow) - Posts: 509 - 07/11/2013 15:48:16    1510439


No drama, You obviously don't know a lot about Coolkenno, Brendan Behan is a Shillelagh player.

hairyfoot (Wicklow) - Posts: 98 - 07/11/2013 19:48:25    1510566


I would love to see Aughrim win it. However I assume that either St Mary's or Shamrocks will not exist next year with one of these teams being promoted.

Dropkickmurphy (Carlow) - Posts: 85 - 08/11/2013 15:42:08    1510920


Hands up i made a mistake. But I am right about Tompkins. He will make a smoothe transition to the senior county team at corner forward

No_Drama (Wicklow) - Posts: 509 - 11/11/2013 13:52:53    1511985


Great sporting game yesterday congratulations to Coolkenno very close to the end.

Golden67 (Wicklow) - Posts: 24 - 11/11/2013 15:05:01    1512065


Amazing there is no comments on this game? Wouldn't say it was ruined by the referee but a lot of it came down to frees. Thought Damien Byrne done a good job throughout. Start Lambert in goal next year for Wicklow and let him kick frees. 9 points in a county final is good shooting regardless.

WhatsTheMata (Wicklow) - Posts: 58 - 13/11/2013 11:21:46    1513024


Lambert is a smashing talent both outfield and in goal. He should be given his chance this year as number 1 for Wicklow. Good option to bring out for long range frees too if needed.

Monopoly (Wicklow) - Posts: 195 - 13/11/2013 13:04:26    1513103