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Hi folks. Non wexford man here looking for a little help, I'm starting an ambitious writing project inspired by the song 'Dancing at the Crossroads' which although I'm a West Cork man, is by far and away my favourite GAA song. While the theme of the project isn't totally related to Wexford's All-Ireland win, it is a constant backdrop to it. Therefore with the obvious disadvantage of not being from Wexford, hence not having the local knowledge or specific match memories, I am looking for any help people could give me, sharing memories and stories. Specific matches that will be dealt with are the Leinster Final, All Ireland Semi-Final and of course, the All-Ireland final. As well as that, any memories of All-Ireland homecoming, the Leinster homecoming (if there was one) or anything else ye deem relevant would be great. More info on the Rackards or the 77 Leinster victory would also be helpful. Rest assured, I have no interest in lifting people's memories verbatim and plagiarising them if ye are worried about that, just looking for little tidbits that I can make brief references to and fictionalise them just to make it more authentic.

Another reason I am intrigued by the story of Wexford in 96 is because it reminds me a bit of when my own club won their first county football title in 44 years the same year. The song however, really spoke to me and I think encapsulates how GAA can draw people together through bad times and good, which is really my aim with this project.

I have set up a specific email address for this purpose. It is [email protected] . any help ye could give me would be much appreciated.

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how did this thread get lost?memories of 1996,where do i start and how many pages have i got?

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Nice Article in the42 today ...


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Plenty of sales reps among them...

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