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I'd have to agree with Ger Loughnane from the Sunday Game last night. I know the guys have been hurling for a few weeks in a row, but that should have effected how they played in the second half when their energy levels would drop, not the first 20 mins. They should have been well able for the first 20 mins, and I agree with Loughnane that the team seemed to have been nervous or had stage fright.

As I posted at half-time yesterday, I thought the management should have made changes early- for example Mulcahy on Ryan and Breen on Kenny- how were they left on them when they weren't suited to marking them and were getting beaten well?

icehonesty (Wexford) - Posts: 2487 - 28/07/2014 12:10:52    1627159


I was shot down and told I was harsh on Kenny when I said Breen would go on him and if not offered protection he could destroy us .... Agree with ice the tactics were so naive ... Limerick as they did against cork targeted players also they had our system sussed with cross field balls... Would also agree we seemed really nervous Paul morris missed a free that he would never miss in the first half... This is a learning curve we need to accept where we went wrong and rectify it... Using an excuse of overtiredness is masking the problems we had yesterday

wexcore (Wexford) - Posts: 737 - 28/07/2014 12:17:51    1627173


icehonesty/hurlorhurley I will look back and see if you ever once congratulated the team on either of their wins, you were both just waiting for a loss to stick the boot in.

Pinkie (Wexford) - Posts: 4100 - 28/07/2014 12:23:10    1627181


I congratulated them on the pitch in portlaoise ennis Wexford park Nowlan park and at the back of the old stand yesterday , Wexford have improved each year under Liam Dunne and must stick with him plenty to build on don't be so negative Pinkie I refer to saying how the bandwagon jumpers ie those who turned out yesterday give out and drive the knife in

hurlorhurley (Wexford) - Posts: 1428 - 28/07/2014 12:38:17    1627195


I rather stay on the topic from now on instead of focusing on the stupid posts or argument from some off the well known posters who only wait for the hurlers to have a bad day and then sneaky in a round about way rub it in. As for the match itself, it was no doubt another dark day for Wexford hurling yesterday and it was embarrassing let be honest about that (I think it was our biggest defeat against any team in the championship match ever). Limerick deserved the win yesterday and good luck to them it was their day and I hope they enjoy it, but this is a Wexford forum and I am only interested in Wexford. The players looked heavy legged and without any doubt the four week in a row took it out of them, however Limerick I feel would of won yesterday anyway( although being smarter on the line would of help things yesterday too, how we didn't apply a sweeper against that wind I never know and could go on but now not the time really to say anyone). Although a lot can be learned from that game yesterday if the management looks closely at the tape. I said it a number of times, Liam and the backroom team he has gathered has done a decent job, the only fault I would have is that he is very slow at times seeing things happen on the pitch, I do feel that a good intelligent hurling man with Liam would make a massive difference(BUT THAT JUST MY OPINION). I going to try and not talk too much on what happened yesterday and focus more on what lies ahead. Overall I am happy with the progress made this year and the players and Liam and all his staff deserve great credit for that, the time these guys put in it is just unreal, you would have to be involved or have a family member involved to really appreciate the effort that goes in. Some people don't really realise how low Wexford hurling was when he took over after Colm Bonner a few years ago. So I like to say thanks to Liam and all the players for a good summer of enjoyment. This team is young and can improve, everyone at all levels need to keep working hard even an ordinary under 10 club manager can make a difference, it vital now to keep working hard and the rewards may come.

hunting (Wexford) - Posts: 621 - 28/07/2014 12:44:07    1627206


hunting,very good post and think all regular on here know who is just out for a cheap shot at a low time and who actually cares about wexford hurling. the same old names crop up after every defeat,nowhere to be seen after a win.

i cant agree with you re sweeper though,limerick's points were coming from all over the pitch and it would have been suicide to give gavin o'mahoney or seamus hickey a chance at long range shots.their full back line is as strong as any in the country,just the notion of giving them room to roam the pitch would be suicide.i think limerick had the legs to make space for themselves and unfortunately we didnt have the legs to make it tough for them.

but the general tone of your post is good,we have to look forward.there is a future in that team for at least 4-5 of that u-21 team I think.i would like to see the likes of eoin conroy,shane o'gorman,jack o'connor, andrew keeny,aiden nolan (I would have had him in the panel),conor devitt,and rhys clarke,given a try next year.

perfect10 (Wexford) - Posts: 3929 - 28/07/2014 14:33:18    1627313


Its all easy to say it now but I think tactically, LD and the management were shown up the same way yesterday as they were against Dublin. Perhaps that is a bit harsh as it was perhaps shuffling the chairs on the titanic. Limerick are a strong imposing team and while Wexford have a few big lads they were no match physically for Limerick yesterday - say nothing about ability!. It makes you wonder what happened to Clare this year, was last year just a freak year for them? Its clear that new players will have to be found in a number of positions if they want to break into the top 4 and this is where I have a real gripe about what some people go on about. They talk about how low the game in Wexford was under Bonner however Dunne didn't lift the game with the same players that Bonner had basically the reason people are optimistic now is because of the younger players coming through. The cult of the manager in the GAA is a curse and I think what its doing now is allowing again people to gloss over the real reasons Wexford hurling dropped so quickly after winning an All Ireland in 96. The Bonner years were the end of that era not because of the manager but because the work being done at underage finally started to come through after he left.

zinny (Wexford) - Posts: 1101 - 28/07/2014 17:25:01    1627459


Zinny what went on under the Bonner era was a complete disgrace, players drinking the week before matches etc. Several of these players realised quickly it wouldnt happen under Liam Dunne and walked away. Saturday's paper said as much in an interview with Dunne. Of course we now have better players coming through, we have not had such players coming through at underage in a LONG time. But the era under Colm Bonner was both the result of underage neglect, poor management and poor player attitude. Dunne has changed the latter 2 and everyone is working hard on the first one.
People are definitely over-reacting here though I think. Yesterday was a combination of physical and mental fatigue, stagefright and coming up against a fresher and better team. Now even if we had had a week off before that game I dont think we would have beaten them, they are a better team, but we would have been closer. There is no way we are 24 points worse than Limerick and in fairness, unlike in other years, there was no recrimination in the media as most would agree that the team was wore out.
But we have hurled some of the best hurling this summer I have ever seen from a Wexford team, we have played with a gameplan beyond the 'get the ball and drive it down the field' tactics which was definitely there up until after Liam Dunne's first year. There are young players on the horizon which will put paid to some of the current teams Wexford careers.
Finally dont forget, the likes of Kenny/Rossiter/Jacob didnt have their best games yesterday but these lads soldiered with Wexford through some black years which could have ended up with us hurling Christy Ring by now. When we get back to the top again, I will not forget the efforts of these teams in keeping us even a borderline hurling force.
Looking back on the year, I still think massive progress has been made. Looking to next year, we now need to push on again and get back into 1A.

Pinkie (Wexford) - Posts: 4100 - 28/07/2014 18:53:57    1627542


Pinkie I'm very disappointed that you said I was waiting to put the boot in. I haven't put the boot in at all.

I posted at half-time on Sunday that I couldn't understand the management had left the backline in the same positions for the whole first half. Limerick had aligned their forward line to beat each Wexford defender and it succeeded. I used examples, including Ciaran Kenny which other people have mentioned as he was cleaned out.

I also said that I felt that the toll of so many games was not to blame for the first half. If anything, we should have been wrecked and out on our feet in the second half, but in the first half we didn't seem agressive and stuff. This is a point Ger Loughnane made on tv also. We looked nervous or like we had stagefright.

I haven't put the boot in at all. If I wanted to put the boot in I could. I don't. The way the lads hurled this year was fantastic and they were a credit to the county in those Clare games especially. We have found some classy players and they put in serious effort in those games. I said at the start of every game that 15 lads on a field busting a gut for 70 minutes is all anyone can ask for and they did that this year. So I think for you to accuse me of putting the boot in is very disappointing.

icehonesty (Wexford) - Posts: 2487 - 29/07/2014 12:22:41    1627846