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same as jpb,i heard monageer were absolutely poxed to be still in this.8 points after 15-20mins and went in losing at half time i heard.some fella named mark walsh got the equaliser with the last play of the game,ref blew the final whistle on the puck out.but by all accounts monageer should have enough improvement to win the replay.

Was at the game myself as it happened, i was really there for the senior after it but decided to go along to the game. Although leading by 0-08 to 0-00 after 20 mins monageer didnt hurl that well even though they were ahead. Then conceded 1-03 so they were still two points up at half time but playing against the wind in the second half i didnt think it would be enough. They had plenty of chances to win the game, i heard someone say 15 wides is what they had, that combined with two goalkeeping errors for the two clongeen goals meant that they were 5 points down with 5 mins to go, but scored 1-02 in the last minutes to escape. Overall both teams were very poor in front of goal. I dont know any of the clongeen lads but i went to school with a few of the monageer lads so i know quite a few of them so i suppose i was supporting them but they have no scoring threat other than Peter Mernagh and i think it has been much the same in the previous matches they have played according to the friends i was talking to, and obviously not much scoring power on the bench either as no forward was taken off. In fact their backs are very good. Having said all that i would expect monageer to win the replay

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thanks jpb and perfect 10, its nice to get a coherent reply from someone around here !!

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