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Bring Minor Back U18

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Hi Lads, what's the feeling in clubs out there on this topic in my own club thats a very small club we're loosing four players after u17 as parents and players themselves says there not ready for adult.

trigger2020 (Wexford) - Posts: 3 - 21/10/2020 21:55:09    2300091


Regardless of what age Minor is, there should be no crossover between adult and minor. So if you want minor back at under 18, then under 18s shouldn't be allowed play adult.

I think this big step up nonsense is being thrown around too easily for something to complain about. Only 5 years ago 18 year olds would already be in there second year playing adult, now we have people arguing they aren't ready. It doesn't make sense.

Onfor15 (Wexford) - Posts: 257 - 21/10/2020 22:45:18    2300101


I think its fine as it is now.

hurlorhurley (Wexford) - Posts: 1428 - 22/10/2020 09:45:57    2300139


A lot of relevant points on this topic have already been made in the thread "18 Year Old Players", a little further down the menu.

Onfor15 makes a good point in this thread - that if things ever do go back to U18, there should be a prohibition on U18 players also playing in adult grades, same as U17 players are prohibited from playing at adult level now. It would be a monumental step backwards to return to the situation where a minor club championship is held up because of adult fixtures, or an adult championship is held up because of underage games.

My own view remains that it's always been the case that many players drift away from the games after minor level anyway. And while I don't dispute that's a problem, I'm still not convinced that the problem is significantly greater following the change to U17 than it ever was at U18. I think that in the majority of such cases, what's happening is simply that lads who would drift away anyway and now just drifting away a year earlier.

Pikeman96 (Wexford) - Posts: 457 - 22/10/2020 13:27:54    2300205


it is a big step from minor to adult,but i would introduce an u19 championship and after that,you are a man and can either play an adult game or you cant.
big loss after that age is young lads loving jagerbombs too much anyway

perfect10 (Wexford) - Posts: 3929 - 24/10/2020 16:38:47    2300806