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I am looking for a club for the upcoming season in america.. If there is any club in america that is looking for new player for the new season I would be interested in going over to play ball. I am 19 and play for my club Crossmaglen Rangers Co.Armagh and also for my College which I won my first All-Ireland medal with a month ago, I would like a club in the new york or boston area but i dont realy mind. So if any club is interested I would lover to go over.

CrossmaglenGAA (Armagh) - Posts: 8 - 15/04/2013 09:53:06    1367737


Have you spoke to any clubs yet

newyorker9 (USA) - Posts: 9 - 15/04/2013 11:15:42    1367808


I have spoken to 1 or 2 but they said they would get back to me and havent..

CrossmaglenGAA (Armagh) - Posts: 8 - 15/04/2013 12:40:24    1367896


Were do u play?

newyorker9 (USA) - Posts: 9 - 15/04/2013 15:39:35    1368117


Goal Keeper

CrossmaglenGAA (Armagh) - Posts: 8 - 15/04/2013 15:49:19    1368123


Contact the Cavan football club. We have a senior andjunior team and would be glad to accomadate you

rossie12 (Roscommon) - Posts: 396 - 19/04/2013 18:01:17    1370514


have you an email that i could contact you on?

CrossmaglenGAA (Armagh) - Posts: 8 - 22/04/2013 09:36:06    1371417