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NY Gaa Clubs location

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I was wondering where the gaa clubs are located in NY. I know where Gaelic Park is, but where do most teams train?

MungretMan (Limerick) - Posts: 1 - 03/12/2011 18:40:08    1079496


A lot of teams train in Van Cortlandt Park, just down the road from Gaelic Park. The Revolutionary War battleground is now more commonly used by a few porterheads sweating on a humid Tuesday evening as they bluster through a few "backs and forwards" drills and the occasional point-kicking exercise oddly practiced over goals comprised of any combination of umbrellas, traffic cones, 55 gallon oil drums or the ever favorite, pile of jumpers.

Bring your own fluids, dust mask, deep heat and sewing needle as the only thing rarer than water in Van Cortlandt Park is sufficient medical and physiotherapy care.

Some teams such as the Kingdom "we refuse to stop fielding both a junior and senior team and so have only two half teams" Kerry, train on Randall's Island. Facilities are far superior (you have concrete walls to take a leak behind as opposed to the old "stretch out the hammer and let it out the inside of your shorts" trick, required in most places.

It is however out of the way and hard to reach so be prepared to be crushed into the back of various small contractor vans and wear your gum-shield as skilsaws and Eastwing hammers tend to shift during rapid transit down the Major Deegan expressway.

Who even knows or cares where the outlying teams like the Long "most boring name ever" Island Gaels or the psycho-ward boys from Rockland train.

Stick with the junior reserve ball at home lad. Safer, better quality and based in this century.

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thanks for your such nice sharing with us in this forum

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@Fara. You've "shared" once. Lurk much?

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