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are you suggesting mr keeper that we send our celtic junior team. i bet they are not spending your money.

big fan (None) - Posts: 239 - 05/04/2010 11:42:51    608899


after this minor game in ireland, they should keep this team together and do training sessions. then come time for the cyc they will dominate the rest of the field like nacb and whoever else they would play. a good idea might be to have clubs come out from ireland to play against them in the cyc tournament. also maybe a tour in ireland over the summer where they play top clubs and just try to keep on raising the standard. the best way to improve is to train with the best players and then to play against the best. im not saying send them over to get embarrassed but putting them up against good competition in ireland is a good idea.

NY_rebel_county (USA) - Posts: 21 - 12/04/2010 18:55:42    615325


can somebody please list the players and clubs of the team that played galway on sunday cheers

pecho (Cavan) - Posts: 56 - 11/05/2010 19:15:29    644137


What an absolute joke this past weekend in ireland was with the NY minors. This team should never have traveled to ireland not matter what the outcome was gonna be. They came home to the hotel before the game was even played an got caught bringing in beer to the hotel that they were staying in, that in itself should tell you the commitment that thses kids had for this game. It is an absolute disgrace that we even bother to send this team to ireland this should tell everyone its a one an done deal with the NY minors they dont even have one kid of county caliber they are and always will be a club team at best cant compete against county teams case closed.

keeper1 (USA) - Posts: 27 - 11/05/2010 21:25:28    644312


In regards to All North American Minors it would be an ideal situation for them to compete at CYC to better promote the minor programs here.Example NY,NACB,LONDON and CANADA.Also the shoe has been on the other foot to as far as teenagers coming here to play and having a good time.It is a great experience for any American Born Minor player to play against his Irish peers.This is one way on how they are going to get better.Thanks and to all the minor coaches keep up the good work.

bstn_tom_tribe (USA) - Posts: 24 - 14/05/2010 19:20:36    647522


"New York Minors Compete in Galway"

After an almost 20 year absence from the All Ireland Minor Football competition, the New York Minor Team recently visited Galway to compete in the quarter-final of the Connacht Minor Football Championship. This game was a prelude to the big event in Pearse Stadium, on Sunday, May 9th New York took the field against a heavily favored Galway side which had no intentions of letting what happened to their senior side a week before happen to them. All 25 of the New York panel stood arm in arm on the field as the Star Spangled Banner was played prior to the throw-in.

Galway's first victory was in winning the coin toss, thus electing to play with a strong wind at their backs in the first half, which they immediately used to their advantage by pressing forward and putting the NY backs under pressure. Galway struck first for a goal and a point before NY got on the scoreboard from a Shane Flanagan free. This was quickly cancelled by a fine Galway goal to put them up 2-1 to 0-1. NY were given a much needed boost when midfielder Niall Croke sent a 45 screeching towards the Galway net that eluded the grasp of their full back and ended up in the back of the net. Unfortunately, momentum changed back to the Galway side and over the next 10 minutes they tacked on 6 points, followed by another well taken goal. NY's fading hopes were further hampered by the straight red card dismissal of center forward Shane Hanley for a minor scuffle after NY had been awarded a free. Indeed, several of the referee's decisions left the NY supporters baffled as two apparent penalties for NY were ignored by the ref. Galway then added a further 1-2 to leave the halftime score Galway 4-9, NY 1-1.

NY regrouped in the locker room and several changes were made for the second half. Playing with the wind now, NY took control early, but their efforts were thwarted by the extra Galway back. On a counter-attack, Galway got an opportunistic goal that eluded keeper Kieran Moran, who otherwise had an outstanding game with several point blank saves that drew cheers from the stands, so much so that he was named the Galway Crystal Man of the Match by the members of the Irish Press. NY added two points from Shane Flanagan and Dion Norney, but could not overcome the large first half deficit and being down a player. Both sides started to clear their benches and at the final whistle, Galway were deserving winners by a score of 5-18 to 1-3. While the scoreboard result looks one-sided, credit must be given to NY for never giving up and for playing with heart and determination from start to finish. They conceded only 1-9 in the second half. The New York Minors have once again been afforded the opportunity to compete at the highest level of Gaelic Football. The players got the opportunity to represent their home county and to play in an All Ireland Championship match. Also, post match, the Galway and NY players exchanged jerseys and shorts - which was a first to be seen by all in attendance. Later Sunday evening, many of the Galway players met up with the NY players and have been in contact by e-mail since. This is a prime example of all that is good about the GAA and Gaelic sports; competition on the field of play, but friendship and camaraderie off the pitch.
The New York Team: Kieran Moran, Frankie McDermott, James Hannon, John Quinn, Donnacha O'Dwyer, Shane Hogan, James Mullen, Conor Hogan, Niall Croke, Dylan O'Neill, Shane Hanley (Capt), Shane Flanagan, Dion Norney, Liam Deane, Keith Lang. Subs: Mike Mahon, Brian McMahon, Mike Keane, Connor Teahan, Tim O'Sullivan, Phil Kennedy, Danny Lehane, Shane Tierney, Rory O'Neill & Sean Buckley. Manager - Marty Hanley, Selectors - Eamonn Deane & Kieran Croke, Tour Manager - Eugene McArdle.

Cleticthrunthru (USA) - Posts: 28 - 18/05/2010 21:15:25    651581