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Firstly I would like to thank the Tipp management team for their commitment to Tipperary hurling over the last 6 or so years. I honestly believe they were good coaches and I believe the players enjoyed the training sessions. However, I'm not sad to see them go and I'm worried that some of the management team are staying on. There is a massive difference between coaching and game management and the former Tipp management team demonstrated an inability to make decisions at crucial times. I believe they threw in the towel with 5 minutes to go in last year's replay by throwing in players who had not seen a minute of championship action. Their inability in yesterday's game to make simple positional changes demonstrated that they were out of their depth and maybe they always were only for the calibre of players available to them papered over the cracks. The county board, at the end of 2010, should have bent over backwards to keep Liam Sheedy as manager and given O'Shea, as coach, a helicopter to get him from Galway to Thurles. Instead we have to look forward to winning one All-Ire every 10 years, the wastage of a golden generation and a legacy of a miserly 4 All Irelands in 40 years. The Sheedy/O'Shea combo would have retained the All-Ire in 2011 something we haven't done in 50 years. How can we put ourselves on the same pedestal as Kilkenny or think we are one of hurling's giants?

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Replying to my own thread. Is that the first sign of madness? I finally plucked up the courage to watch the full match. M

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I still believe, despite most people's view on this forum, that the Tipp management have a lot to answer for. JF was hard done by when called ashore at HT. Ok, so he didn't set the game alight but made a number of important contributions. Another Tipp forward who contributed zero and was bet to every single ball lasted the entire game, go figure.

Simple coaching tip 1: Never, ever, ever stand to hit the ball in hurling. Two Tipp hurler, on their own 'D' did exactly this and coughed up 4 points, way to casual (casual is how I would some up some Tipp performances). A midfielder, who did ok, worked himself into a decent scoring position on two occasions in front of the Galway'D' in the second half and both went out harmlessly wide. Coaching tip 2: take your flipping points and stop trying to walk it in.

And BK did a good job reffing the match in my opinion and can't be blamed for Tipp's performance. Finally,new half back line needed urgently for 2016. Good bye all and let's pray for some steel in 2016's team.

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I think O'Shea and Mike Ryan have given Tipp great service and Ryan is giving us another two years. Even the great Cody can be slow to make changes as demonstrated in the 2012 Leinster Final. Galway should have moved Mannion off Callanan a lot sooner than they did.

Our lads didn't seem to have that zip and bite you need for whatever reason.

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I'm not questioning their commitment Killarney just their game management. At crucial times they made wrong decisions that ultimately cost precious All Irelands. I can't see that changing with MR.I really hope I'm wrong and that he is a good game manager. I agree with you that Tipp looked a tired team, as the saying goes, 'hunger is good sauce' and Galway were ravenous.

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I know you are not questioning their commitment.

When you lose, management's tactical skills will be rightly questioned. I think they were right to move Bonnar out of centre forward, he never looked comfortable there. But putting Brendan Maher in probably cost us elsewhere as he is a brilliant wing back or midfielder.

The thing that puzzles me is how Shane Bourke went from being dropped off the panel before the Challenge match with Dublin in Drombane, then ended up playing in that match cos they were stuck for players because club matches clashed. He goes from that to first sub used against Galway and then is subbed back off. Lar and Noel left scratching their asses in hogan stand watching him doing sweet FA. Both had much bigger impacts on the came when they came on.

Galway's tails were up, they obviously brought the confidence from the Cork game with them into our match. They are like the French rugby team, when the mood is right they will beat anyone including Kilkenny. I just hope they can match the Tipp performance again the next day.

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That's exactly my point Killarney, they were poor game managers. SB has obviously tried hard to become a Tipp regular but for whatever reasons it never happened for him. After been brought on and taken off in an All Ire semi surely that is the signal to leave the scene. First sub? crazy stuff. But think back to the substitutions the management team made in last year's All Ire final replay. Eoin Kelly did very well the first day when brought in but was 'snubbed' in the replay. He was very unhappy with that and it hastened his retirement. He said as much in an interview with 'Off the Ball' the week after. In fact, the management team in the replay brought in subs that hadn't played a minute of championship due to injury. Look, it takes serious commitment to drive from Galway to Thurles 4-5 times a week so EOS can't be faulted for that, he gave it his best shot. He was no Cody but Cody is a once off and the greatest hurling manager in history.

Don't agree with you on Bonnar's best position though. I think its CF or nowhere.

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