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2015 Mayo - Year in Review

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So another disappointing end.


Emergence of Diarmuid O Connor
Patrick Durcan
5 in a Row Connact Titles
Tom Parsons return


Loss of Barry Solan for next year
More mileage/heartbreak for this team
Loss of form for Ger Caff/ Jason Doc / Kevin Mc L
One new player brought into panel by new management

Concerns for 2016

Will Donie Buckley go
Are the players controlling the dressing room or management
Will new players be given a chance in competitive league games.

New players to be looked at

Donal Newcombe
Trevor Nally
Alan Plunkett
John Reilly
Josh Ronayne
Sharoize Akram
Evan Regan
Matthew Ruane
Keith Routledge

theenforcer (UK) - Posts: 129 - 06/09/2015 14:33:31    1783281


Mayos best option for the league bring in what they think
are the most promising players in the Mayo circuit outside
of current panel give them their head and build for the future
of the current crop i would keep 6 the rest not up to it

wfkerry (USA) - Posts: 933 - 06/09/2015 20:19:28    1783525


Mayo need to send personal out to club matches to watch players, you can't ring up clubs asking to send their best players for county trials, naturally they will send their sons or nephews, the best player may not be told, also do players have the time to play with the county, it's a massive change in lifestyle to virtually give up your social life and miss time off work to play for the county team. Not everybody wants that or can do that. Majority of the panel are young enough to carry on for another few years the biggest issue is do they have the appetite to continue, remember this is year 5 of this gruelling training and lifestyle. We have to wait and see

riverboys (Mayo) - Posts: 1389 - 06/09/2015 20:53:55    1783559


Theenforcer ,when exactly did ger caff ever HAVE form??

jackmeyhoffer (USA) - Posts: 139 - 07/09/2015 09:43:55    1783696


It is very hard to know looking back on the year how to review it. An indifferent league did not build confidence and Mayo in the majority of their games did not seem to have any plan or system or structure in place. The one quote I remember from the league was following the Tyrone game when Pat Holmes said how it was there first time against the blanket defence and they did not know how to play against it. Every dog on the street knows how Tyrone play. That should have started the alarm bells ringing.
I thought that the new management would have brought a load of new young players into the team or squad and tried them in the league. If we got relegated, which no one wants, then at least the supporters may understand as the new management were in experimental mode. Instead they played the same squad of players and did not even make the knockout stages. Disaster. I know that James Horan in his first year kept the same squad he inherited and made some changes in year two. Will the new management do the same?
First round of the championship against Galway, let's be honest both teams were not great. An own goal allowed mayo to have and hold a lead. Galway should be stronger next year. But again we gave away two soft goals in that game.
Connacht final - Great result on the score board but I think our minor team would have beaten Sligo that day. Again soft goals given away.
Quarter final - Donegal were disappointing. They had a long and hard Ulster campaign and played the previous week against Galway. The only positive apart from the result was that the Mayo management seemed to think about changing the set-up and be slightly more defensive. However it is a bit late in the summer to start trying new systems.
Semi Final- Great fight back on the first day and showed over both days that we are as good as any team in Ireland when we play football. However I cannot understand why with all of the mayo midfielders on the pitch we allowed Dublin to take short quick kick outs. Crazy tactics. Colm Boyle was given the job as sweeper but he was constantly going out to meet the attacker instead of minding the square. If you have not played that role before it is not something you pick up overnight.
What to do for next year.
1 Take Lee Keegan out of the half back line and place in half forward possibility centre forward. From looking at Drake and Durcan, Mayo have at least two new young defenders that we can place in the half back line. Placing Keegan in half forward would allow Mayo speed, energy, height and someone who can kick a point. Keegan is also a good Kick passer of the ball which is what the inside forwards are missing.
2 Find a full back - Mayo need someone in the square who is quick, strong and a good reader of the game. Vaughan would be my suggestion but if we are trying that tactic we need to start him there from the beginning of the league.
3 Target Full Forward line - COC and AOS can win dirty ball when played into them however Mayo need to improve our basic kicking into the forwards. We also need another forward that can win ball in the forwards. Alan Freeman is a good player and takes his scores when they come but cannot seem to win a one on one fight for the ball. I am afraid that Andy Moran and Alan Dillon will not be around next year.
4 Pick a system or systems and stick with it. The players need to know it inside and out.

Mayo Squad - Thank you for all the effort and sacrifices that you have put in this year and over the last 5 years. Enjoy the break.

Giveitago (Mayo) - Posts: 81 - 07/09/2015 09:44:44    1783697


I totally agree with giveitago, Keegan would be better suited to be moved to a half forward position. could do with his pace up there.

Diarmuid O'Conor has been great and will be even better again next year. I think he came on in leaps and bounds in each game he played and a good sign of a player is one that is able to perform on the big day and those semi finals with a full house is almost as big as you can get bar a AI final.

Patrick Durkan did well also. Drake, well we need to see a bit more of him next season.

Agree that management heed to get a clear strategy on how the team should play and we have to stop letting in goals so easy. It has got to the point that we could be 10 points up and we still wouldn't be comfortable of a win and that is just crazy.

soulman (Mayo) - Posts: 38 - 07/09/2015 10:25:49    1783750


Good post Giveitago.

Fact is that the first 15 players are not a million miles away.
But we do need backup and a plan that the team sticks to. But we also need a plan B if it is not going right.

Moving Keegan to the forwards Im not so sure as he's a superb 1/2 back. But I agree with your point. We need more pace and strength up there to break the tackle and be either to pass of the ball then (ala Andy for his goal) or drive on and take their own score.

Your review of the year is good and pretty accurate.

Fair play to the team. They deserve a break. Next year is Connacht v Ulster in the Semis.

Who knows?

MaigheoAbu (Mayo) - Posts: 343 - 07/09/2015 11:40:36    1783831


We need a goalkeeper, a fullback, and a few new forwards, A O Shea is not a full forward. K McLaughlin is more a half back, the O
Sheas and B Moran cant all start, one needs to be kept in reserve for middle of second half sub. Think if McStay got managers job thinks would be better on line

culmore (None) - Posts: 1398 - 07/09/2015 14:19:26    1784013


Stop kidding yourselves, ye are no closer to winning Sam than ye have been for the last 40 years. Your not good enough and the whole country knows that so I can't figure out why ye can't
Ye have a bunch of perennial brides maids and that team will never reach an all Ireland again, never mind win one

townbuck (Leitrim) - Posts: 197 - 07/09/2015 21:06:05    1784285


thank god that Mayo people and our team aren't as negative in their outlook as you Townbuck.
We are within touching distance and Sam will come soon. Whether it's next year or the year after only time will tell.
Our results speak for themselves. We are as good as Kerry and Dublin and just need to get that bit of luck to go with our unquestionable talent and drive.

pdempsey (Mayo) - Posts: 1313 - 07/09/2015 21:48:03    1784302


Touching distance of Sam.... Will you get real. The closest ye can get to it is looking at it on the telly. Ye are 5 years within touching distance and still didn't get there and ye are hoping the likes of Dilton and moran won't retire. Dillon Mc Loughlin cafferkey have never played well in Croke Park in the championship. Ye have changed keepers with no improvement changed managers etc etc but the penny still hasn't dropped with ye. It's not bad luck....... Ye are not good enough

townbuck (Leitrim) - Posts: 197 - 08/09/2015 08:27:46    1784319