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All the best to David Moran

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I understand that David has had a serious setback to his recovery.

All the best David I hope you get back from this setback.

Dont give up lad you will get back.

westkerry (Kerry) - Posts: 1226 - 18/02/2012 19:57:18    1114252


Second time in ten months terrible setback for him. All the best to him in his recovery...

DUB1 (Dublin) - Posts: 5583 - 19/02/2012 13:05:48    1114419


best of luck david, another setback but im sure hell be back.

chicago09 (Kerry) - Posts: 669 - 19/02/2012 15:04:07    1114479


best wishes man i echo all these sentiments and hopefully you will come back twice as strong... Prob wont be back in a kerry shirt until Summer of 2013...

lifebuoy (Cavan) - Posts: 628 - 19/02/2012 15:40:51    1114496