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Replying To Gaa Fan:  "Watched to Cork goal numerous times. When Murphy lost possession four of the Kerry backs, including both corner backs, were inside the Cork 45. Cork player hit his man with a thirty metre beauty, the recipient found his man with another beauty of a pass, beat White for the ball and turned him, then fed Hurley with a perfect pass, who got around Foley and scored.The only players inside the Kerry 45, when Maguire got the ball, were Maguire, Hurley, White , Foley and the keeper. The first players to come into the frame, when the ball was being dispatched, were Moran and his marker, then Barry and his marker, all too late to assist. The next and only back to come into the frame was Breen.
Obviously it is lovely to watch O'Sullivan and Begley play ball but why they think the two Cliffords, Geaney, O'Se and Killian need help scoring is beyond me. One has to stay back. If they don't Tyrone or Monaghan will destroy Kerry.
Should a back, one on one, be able to prevent a player from rounding him? Yes. However I can plainly remember the Cork v Kerry All-Ireland and can see the Kerry full-back (Tommy Griffin) slip and fall and the Cork goal. A full-back should never be left isolated in no man's land"
Yes it's risky football but the mass push up on opposition kickouts is kamakaze. I mean our keeper was out on the half back line with not one Kerry player back leaving Hurley on his own. If Cork had caught ball quicker and kicked long pass hen Hurley had an empty net in front of him. Now of course the system worked and worked a treat but I don't think it could work against Morgan or Beggan who both have massive kickouts

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