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All the best for the future Barry - a Fermanagh legend

irlande (Fermanagh) - Posts: 535 - 25/06/2014 16:59:38    1609043


I second that! Great man who never let a setback get him down

Villatown (Leitrim) - Posts: 902 - 26/06/2014 17:04:53    1609482


Your some lot, you Fermanagh lads.

Plenty of bickering and twisting over team selections, your county board and the general inferiority complex that come with being a Fermanagh man, heaven forbid writting a few words on the best full back ever produced.
This may only be an auld Internet forum but to only have 1 Fermanagh poster comment on the retirement of Barry Owens is a joke.

Much easier to complain than to compliment, lads?

nopopehere (UK) - Posts: 15 - 27/06/2014 09:32:09    1609694


I very much doubt Barry Owens reads these forums, and isnt the sort of lad to go hunting after praise...

There are other methods of getting the compliments across.. Twitter, Facebook or god forbid in this day and age *Personally

Love_Leckers (Fermanagh) - Posts: 342 - 27/06/2014 10:10:44    1609724