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Thank you Dotsy if ever someone gave service it was the small man from St Marks , he would have seen good and bad times but always gave everything he had , wish you all the best

Damothedub (Dublin) - Posts: 5193 - 06/11/2017 16:52:41    2060829


Absolutely, a real good servant to Dublin. Best of luck to him.

Dubh_linn (Dublin) - Posts: 2164 - 06/11/2017 18:00:33    2060845


Superb hurler. Had the misfortune of playing against him a few times!

Had lightning fast wrists and ability to bring the hurl in from behind that meant that even if you were out in front he could still win the ball.

A lovely point scorer, from incredibly tight angles and marking. He could get a shot away in really tight situations.

A great servant to Dublin hurling.

Fair play Dotsy.

MesAmis (Dublin) - Posts: 13086 - 06/11/2017 20:27:58    2060864


Great servant and leaves with a nice collection of golf

Especially the LHSC winners medal

Very special medal to treasure

Still think he'll have plenty to offer Dublin GAA in the future, the journey is far from over.

jimbodub (Dublin) - Posts: 19836 - 06/11/2017 22:29:36    2060885


Excellent stick man

realdub (Dublin) - Posts: 7701 - 06/11/2017 22:36:22    2060887


Always reminds me of a hurling version of Jason Sherlock.
Fast, small player, intelligent movement great link player. Both of them seemed to peak in thier later playing careers.

gormdubhgorm (Dublin) - Posts: 990 - 12/11/2017 12:09:05    2061791


I see he is now working with David Herrity and the Dublin Camogie team.

arock (Dublin) - Posts: 4379 - 22/11/2017 17:46:21    2063299