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Just wondering what type of minor team have Donegal this year, who are the main players.

erneboys (Fermanagh) - Posts: 47 - 12/02/2016 09:49:25    1824858


Not many from last years team. Niall O Donnell would be main man but has been injured a lot recently.

HEREBENJI (Donegal) - Posts: 396 - 12/02/2016 19:55:36    1824998


they still have Big Mcgee who was one of the stand out players last year after only joining the late!!tipping that lad to have a big year!!weather SP Barrett is the man for the job Im not sure...hope Im wrong and he does a good job

pointsmad (Donegal) - Posts: 16 - 13/02/2016 09:11:32    1825031


I don't know much about the team but as above I do know Jason McGee is underage again this year. Very good young player, he was excellent against Armagh and one of few to play well against Derry on the day. He has the potential to be first Cloughaneely Donegal squad regular for a while in the coming years. I think he will really stand out at minor this year especially if Donegal go well.

panamasam (Australia) - Posts: 2479 - 13/02/2016 19:32:05    1825150