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Well lads and lassies has the manger switheroo started yet?? any big changes or any surprises!?

beidhmeanseo (Donegal) - Posts: 78 - 25/11/2015 09:52:35    1809687


I see David McGinley is the new manager of Eunan's. He has lot of work to do there to keep them competitive at the top level especially if lads like John Haran, Kevin Raff and C.Dunne retire. Bit of reputational damage to the club to repair as well I believe from M.Curran's time in charge. I think Glenties will set the standard in 2016 - they will be keen to get another crack at Ulster I am sure. Will Gary Mcdaid get back involved with Glenswilly? if so, then they will be a big threat.

mako (Donegal) - Posts: 27 - 18/12/2015 12:05:19    1813442



we have been competing consisantly at the top table of club football for the last 20 years- dominating in fact so we will be fine thank you very much.

Dunno why people keep thinking those lads you name will retire- these lads will play for at least another 4/5 years yet with the exception of the legend that is John Haran who will soldier on for 1 more year 1 would say anyways.

Even if these lads go- so what- our team is always changing and moving on- lots of players have retired etc over last 5 years and have been replaced. we are dominating at underage level winning minors and U-21 to come to add to last years too. lots of these young lads already training/playing in senior set up already and are experienced in big games.

I wouldn't worry about Gary Mc Daid re-joining Glen- he managed them last year when we beat them rather easily i may add in the final.

Thanks very much- all well within the mighty black and amber...........

eunans4ever (Donegal) - Posts: 1221 - 20/12/2015 12:23:27    1813643


Fairly sure that Michael Canning is reinstated in Glen and Gary has taken a sabbatical due to family commitments.

beidhmeanseo (Donegal) - Posts: 78 - 21/12/2015 13:30:22    1813791


How have Eunans chosen a new manager before their AGM? Who picks their managers?

fionmaccumhaill (Donegal) - Posts: 30 - 21/12/2015 21:30:36    1813838


I believe Maxi left so he could concentrate on the County set up...

beidhmeanseo (Donegal) - Posts: 78 - 06/01/2016 09:42:58    1814787